One Year of College=One Year's Salary


United States
39° 42' 11.2644" N, 121° 50' 0.5532" W

Going to college has never been a matter of whether or not I'm going.
It's a matter of where and why.
But now I'm going to end up owing,
More than my family has got kept,
All the money spent just getting by.
You see college costs a lot,
And I know this is an obvious topic.
But I really can't afford to get caught,
In mountains and mountains of debt.
And so I feel like my efforts are for naught.
I wanted to be a ballerina, I wanted to be a doctor
I wanted to be psychologist
But now it looks like ill be a parking lot proctor.
Those college bills, they can't be met.
But I like to think myself an ideologist.
Because im working on scholarships just like this.


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