It Is My Bane, It Is My Future


Finally in my true home,

I have a strong and whole heart.

Strengthened by my new family,

And nurtured in my new community.


The happiness swells inside,

But is chipped away at

Every living second.

Every coin, every penny,

Sucked from my veins.


What I love with all my soul

Kills me slowly and softly.

As I struggle to grow,

I struggle to match the growing pains

Of what adulthood has handed me.


Education raises me up,

While its expenses crush me down.

My smile as a bright façade

Covers a decaying concern

Of an impossible escape.


But I know eventually

This pain will not desecrate me.

I will take what I earned

And create a life worth every coin.

Because I have hope

And that is all I need.

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