love lost

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The time came when we no longer smiled as we once did at Table 26.   Nor as we laughed when pouring rain pounced on our walk  so we melted a kiss against a tree.   
Had to pick up the piecesTo mend a broken heartSo I put myself out thereMade a brand new startDownloaded the appFilled out my bioThen selected "submit"Said "here we go...".(Chorus)
Hate to let you goOur life till now has beenhigh drama in a showWe both have given up ontrying to make things right,all we do is fight,stuck in a hopeless plight.I wish you wouldn’t go
I give you love so free and easy, no strings attached, no price to pay. Love which is not returned, love which is cast aside, abandoned without cause, I still have love to give.
I love you… But things may never be Barely see you now You still mean so much to me My love is unconditional Wish I could propose to you Make our love official Etched in stone
It started out At the beginning of school Noticed you before And I knew you were cool Had to find out Couldn’t pass up a jewel Didn’t feel lust Like the regular fool Everyone said
‪I deliberate if my true mate dwindled away,withered one season due to lack of water and wilted in bright torrid midsummer day. ‬‪If the chosen soul for me didn’t make it or, faded in to the world of darkened grey.
You hold my hands Wrap the gauze around my bruised knuckles, Whisper me pieces of words For my mind to create Into stained-glass portraits.
my thousand pound heart lie dormant in my chest feeble now from the effort bumbling softly through my sweater I don’t notice the warmth anymore   cold wind stings my cheeks red
You cleaved me open And left my sun-bleached ribs Scattered Across the shores of our youth.   There, by the sea, I gathered sea glass with which to build my home –
How many hearts have to break? How many steps do I gotta take? How many breaths, oh lord forsake? Until I come home to meet my maker?   You’ve watched me struggle and watched me drown.
The dagger in my heart, It twists, Alas, My love for you has only hurt me. I should have known better Than To fall in love with Nothing less than a prince Who saw himself as little more than a pig.
i don't believe in love anymore the rain flys upward my mind falls through the floor all the lights are off my heart is poisoned and sore i am running away all the way through the door  
Dear love, Your embrace engulfed me like the ocean, For this love, I thought you had devotion. You had my heart in your hands, But made me feel so small, As if I was a mere grain of sand.
The sound of my neck cracking makes me cringe, for a second I forgot what pain is, I forget how love feels, for a second I ignore my brain and allow my heart to do my thinking, the sound of my yawn makes me mute, you cannot talk with a mouth stret
In this dark and open public space, My eyes meet the gaze of a warm, but ghostly face. I felt alone until the face appeared across the way, My loneliness would escape me and I could not look away.
I am made of scattered pieces Each shred of my soul is owned by someone else Only if you put them all together Would you truly know me Some pieces are given freely Others were accidents
Please don't dip your Chicken Nuggets in Ketchup Just seeing it makes me red. Nothing against your personal eating habits.  Just if you’re around me Please don't dump your Chicken Nuggets in Ketchup. 
Can I just hold you to one moment. Be frozen in 2016 with you. Believe that only her and me are the same. Imagine the stars were aligned just for us in this very moment in time.
I'm sorry You cared so much  And I thought I did too  Now I miss your sweet touch Though I was the one who left you You weren't perfect But nor am I 
The biggest lie I ever told Was not so much a destruction of truth But a curtain Thrown up hastily to hide The elephant Because when you said
Just when I'd lost my "long-term", an "old-time" wants to come into my life while my "short-term" doesn't have a clue that he could turn into a "long-term".
Theres a pain in my chest one that i've felt before It leaves me writhing in pain
He had haunting light brown eyes,
I never asked you for the world. Didn't need you to give me anything but your love... But apparently, I was asking for too much.
They are imbued in doubt  and therefore can never be certain Their hearts long in the past and therefore cannot embrace the present   Their fears are caged inside  and therefore will never be free
I wish you called me baby like her. But as soon as your lips curved, The barely audible sound waves pierced the air, I wish you hadn’t. It’s just not the same and every time you do
I lost my poetryThe words on the paperDon’t come until laterCause I’m speechless I reach into the darknessLooking for lettersA, B, C, D, E, I, O, UBut they never come together
i know how you feel i've been there i know how you feel lost jaded and scared i know how you feel heart broken battered and bruised i know how you feel cheated dejected and used
I thought I had it all figured out I thought I knew  how to stop the walls from falling in again.  But they fell  and I'm begging of you please  to come save me again.
Please excuse me for a moment, because I have to say something. I'm about full to burst, but I don't want to say it. I know I have to, though. We have a year, almost exactly, that's all and you'll be here
I seem cursed to love what I can't ever haveBut I could have had, and that's the rubI ran away when it looked like loveAnd I see my folly when I look back
You can close your heart from the one that loves you with your lies. You don't notice what I can't verbalize. I tell you through my eyes the way I looked at you before, Our faces were close but my words were kept away.
The look in her eyes as her heart shattered, almost unbearable to see. Tears slowly trickled down her ghostly white cheeks, as if her whole life was stripped away in seconds.
I find myself here again going round and round wandering endlessly between your fingertips aimlessly stumbling between your chest feeling the rise and fall of your breath engrossed in the rhythm of your heart
I scramble alone in this vast place where streams seem to run on forever i am alone and oh so lonely it seems i am the only one in this vast place on the other side of the streams
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