Siren's Call

Theres a pain in my chest

one that i've felt before

It leaves me writhing in pain

and looking for an end to all


I cant escape it or run

everywhere I go it follows

if I hide then it will search

but it reaches out to me


a hand wrapped in fine cloth

reaches out to my heart

the pain clears and I smile

by my heart it pulls me in


I can see its veiled smile

the pain is gone and joy comes

I let it pull me closer to it

Finally I reach peace in its hand


suddenly its hand goes cold

the tattered silk reveals horror

there is no shock only sorrow

the song brought me in again


My heart is torn apart again

Friends come to aid me now

sadly there to late to help me

I only want its touch again


The pain leaves me writing

My chest heaves in pain

I look for a saving touch

but no touch saves me now

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