Star lost love.

‪I deliberate if my true mate dwindled away,withered one season due to lack of water and wilted in bright torrid midsummer day. ‬‪If the chosen soul for me didn’t make it or, faded in to the world of darkened grey. ‬‪If the sun doth shine for me,Alsa far the answer is nay.‬Yet here in the axiom I find a quaint form in which Im bound to stay,for a thought or imagine with which my taken dreams have given play.Lead Astray lead into a state with which there is but a stray, For in  this paradox I  find no need to evade nor can it be belayed.Yea I observe it's every amplitude, therefore it's every wave peaking from a valley I observe another just beyond the equilibrium a hope that absconded with what was left or right of my now perturbed internal estate my initial idea of the mate.It's very volume accompanying the form in which it may without fear be likened unto the first phase, the first of Seven Gates.revisited by a world less embiued with green more closely resembling a maze of fright .I deem myself to one whom finds himself blessed with intellect though,I do not find myself procuring the means for a Succored form of escape can easily deject; for though I pen the thought, my heart years for a simply statesmearly proclaimed a thought held within my brain."a simple date where with thee I maintained, a star all my ownwhom I did not know by name.A lover bound to lose me with little to no intent, little to know fame. 
for a candle flickered and has yet to be extinguished by any other means save when I heard your name, when you played my gamewhen I received thine praise, and ye mine in turn we further intwain for what is love if not written in celestial light hidden in celeriac shame. 

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