Eternal Reflection

It started out

At the beginning of school

Noticed you before

And I knew you were cool

Had to find out

Couldn’t pass up a jewel

Didn’t feel lust

Like the regular fool

Everyone said

We were perfect together

I fell into it

Didn’t know any better

Always thought you were

Too good to be true

Thought I wasn’t worthy

To be with you

Little did I know

You liked me too

We connected once

But we never knew

What this chance meeting

Would put us through

Didn’t realize what

This would turn into

Just the beginning

The rest is history

I always wonder how

It’s still a mystery

What does it matter?

The past is only a memory

Things felt right when

We admitted our feelings

But there’s no happy ending

More hurt than healing

We ended up apart

Our love didn’t last

Tried to stay friends

But that’s all in the past

Rarely see each other

Feels like years ago

That I felt you’d stick with me

Through rain, sleet, and snow

Still means a lot to me

Because you taught my heart

The best of memories

Can never fall apart


This poem is about: 
My family


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