Can I just hold you to one moment.

Be frozen in 2016 with you.

Believe that only her and me are the same.

Imagine the stars were aligned just for us in this very moment in time.

Lets explore the Galaxy of Andromeda.

Be alien's of a new planet.

Lets leave our marks on Mercury.

Can we travel to the ends of Paris?

Will you take my last name? 

I don't care about the last name.

I just wanna be joined together with you under god.

So that he can see that my heart belongs to you and yours to mines.

Imagine me wrapping my arms around you as we watch the moon arise in Egypt between the pyramids.

We can stain the pages of a map. 

Watch as the sun does back flips.

And tantalizes our minds to the thought of happiness in chaos.

It may not be reality but could it be mines. 

Believe me babe we were destined.

Designed to be together by God himself.  

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