Wed, 05/29/2013 - 02:04 -- asuazo


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You can close your heart from the one that loves you with your lies.
You don't notice what I can't verbalize.
I tell you through my eyes the way I looked at you before,
Our faces were close but my words were kept away.
This feeling I had, you see, I could not express to thee.
Like Romeo and Juliet I played Russian roulette but I was the one shot down.
My words they twisted and turned but I got burned.
It was you to blame.
These words are so lame,
I'm just going to stop, you were my weakness,
My law I always broke.
Now I'm done, just shun me from your heart.
I'll get over this one day and this is my start.



this poem is near and dear to my heart just like the person I wrote about.

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