My Love Is In a Box

I give you love so free and easy, no strings attached, no price to pay. Love which is not returned, love which is cast aside, abandoned without cause, I still have love to give. It may be time to let you go, the outlook for posterity is bleak, any hope I carry is constantly in flux. The love you’ve said you have for me, feels flawed and misguided. When I think of you my body fills with love, I am love, and I’m here, now, today and every day, alone now in my consciousness, not hoping,expecting nothing, I put my love into a box, the dreams I had for you are yours now, and yours alone. So, I put my box up on a shelf, perhaps one day I will take a chance, offer my love again, and live my life once more.

This poem is about: 
My family



I felt this 

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