Please do not dip your chicken nuggets in ketchup!

Please don't dip your Chicken Nuggets in Ketchup

Just seeing it makes me red.

Nothing against your personal eating habits.

Just if you’re around me

Please don't dump your Chicken Nuggets in Ketchup.

It brings up memories of her,
makes me think of how special we were.

It brings up memories of you.

The randomness of the act, complimented your randomness, which in turn
attracted me.


Your assets attracted me...

I was attracted 2 the fact that your "swag" was so "phat",
Phat. Kool. Dope. All That.
Everything about you from your kicks 2 your hat,
you probably didn’t even know that.

Everything you’d do,
made me fall more in love with you.

Like your attitude.

I liked your attitude,
because I could never stay mad at you.

It went up & Down like Latitude
or maybe that's longitude
still nothing was wrong with you.

How I could never ever stay mad at you.
How you always showed Gratitude.

I liked the fact you never held a grudge,
I like that you were never one 2 judge.

How whenever they threw sludge on your name.
Or smudged your fame...

You still wouldn't budge

I loved how you loved fudge ice cream.

I'd scream
when you'd pulled out whipped cream
and pour it on top.

And placed a cherry.

Darn. Cherry. Red. Ketchup.

Damn Chicken Nuggets.

It’s just weird how you changed so
So fast your raft,
hell haft no raft.
Like yours when you left me.

I said don't hurt me,
but what is love asks Hadaway,
Why'd you leave me stranded,

Like Tom Hanks was on Cast Away.

Just thinking about you,
All the lil' things you did.
Small things made me laugh,
like your mom and her wig.

So my good girl has gone bad,
and my good look has gone ugly,
and how little things made me mad,
and how lil’ stuff would bug me.

Like how you'd fall asleep on the phone, or touch for no reason.
Sneeze in all seasons, and sneeze for no reason.


You're just so annoying, you still play with toys and, you’re always
avoiding, and always conforming. Never @ my Place but was always on
Myspace. Posting Pictures from Prom. Man I think you like Tom.

When we watched movies, you’d always bother me.
Touching my leg. Remember when your father seen?
We was watching state property

With el pollo loco.
Him and Biggis,
Them 2 was straight loco.

Que Loco! Conquetas de pollo. Y el abigarrando mojar de la salsa
de tomate!


Got carried away. But the point is, I loved her. She meant a lot to

And now every time I think about her. I gets upset. And angry.

And you won't like me when I’m angry, it'll be real messed up.

So do us all a favor. And Please. Please. Please. 

Please Do Not Dip
your Chicken Nuggets in ketchup.

Thank you.


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