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"VIRTUOUS HUMAN" You're the true instance of virtuous human. Your mind as pure as crystal, your heart soft and sound like waters.
                                                         When in love, in deep love We know or at least are aware of Each other’s sunset and sunrise About the rain
Why limit oneself to a single colorWhen one can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow?Look up and gaze at the stars. The clouds are lowBut only two colors are breaking the door.
B.B.W Belated Birthday Wishes To Kiki Oshinbajo, daughter of the VP of Nigeria 🇳🇬 "FORTUNATE BIRTHDAY"
The best ultimate religion I ever learnt of is " Good Deed" No matter how religious one is without a good good all in vain.
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
She has arrived, she’s beautiful, scarred, humbled, and wise. Most of all this woman is alive. She walks with a hint of pride, but not too proud to admit her missteps. Mistakes and lessons dance in harmony a 2-step.
The world is but a circus, It's people are just clowns, I am a conducter, I can't do much with clowns, But if you come and play my tune, We might just turn this world around.  
One planet Many here Living their habits Thinking clear Ideals are necessary For friends to get But it also creates adversaries And we won't forget
Chaos can build,Chaos can annoy,Chaos can let you breathe,Chaos can destroy. Harmony can be boring,Harmony can be beautiful,Harmony can be disturbing,Harmony can be so, so, peaceful.
We all have our emotions, our lighter and darker sides. There is good and there is evil which within us all abides. Mankind is evolving, a necessity to survive, towards new heights of tolerance,
(villanelle poem) Zindagi aur kuch bhi nahin, teri meri kahaani hai (Life is nothing more but the story of you and me.)
The last time I did anything meaningful You and I were sitting on the edge of an isolated pond
There is a dark presence that lurks Within us all It takes the shape of shadows Where it can be found is far from the light
The sun just rose in lost connection, Please undo the times we have held onto believe, False hope, dreams, and expectation. I'm just glad those two came out alive, In due time, it's overwhelming inside.  
The strings vibrate violently over the frets, Making the people collect. The drum stick cracks over the skin, Letting the beat begin.
I changed you for better You changed me for worse I was your Karma And you were my curse I can search but never find the reason why our souls are attached nor why I can't get rid of you
It may not always be easy, it may not always seem right but the path to higher consciousness is always in plain view, in clear sight It is of course the path less traveled by,
I am unstoppable, limitless, unbeatable...ME I can do what I want, and I want to be...ME Everything inspires me, nothing ever tires me I am constantly discovering the new that I am, have become, am about to be
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
Ripples of a Third World Heartbreak My eyes will open And I will see the vibrant yellow paint that has coated the walls of my room
  GOLDEN OpportUNITY KEY TO CommUNITY Unlocks hearts and minds To the beauty of UNITY Where hate is dead Love lives for eternity And the cloud's silver lining Beholds a GOLDEN OpportUNITY...
I am not a poet. You are not a poet. I am a lost soul with an imagination that demands to be seen. You are a creature looking for words that fill your aching void with a sense of      belonging.  
I remeber the rush. The moment pen touches paper. The smooth glide on blank slate. Infinite array of options, Potential, that I never had.    The feel wasn't all however,
"Times like the wind, ever-changing.Do we stand still, or do we glide?Do we purposely forget to set our alarms, or do we make an effort?I'll hit the snooze for you, but only once.
I hear it, my body takes over.My foot uncontrollably leads the way.The beat tapping on my attention like Morse code.
I have always loved the ocean. Blue, vast, and inviting, just like your eyes. My eyes are the color of the deep, green land. The land always grows with beautiful, exciting colors of comfortable change.
History repeats itself it's why we're here again. Black versus white but this time it's times ten. We need to be aware  that this gon' get us nowhere. No! It's not him, her, or them; 
Love and Respect
I always feel like crumbling As gravity pulls me down, But when the music kills the sounds I find myself lost in a sea of harmony All the sorrow and anger I've felt Gets lost stolen and secure
Singing the melody of a song
I often dream of myself floating from space, looking down upon the planet and watching its peacefulness.  And from up above, if my voice could somehow reach every human being, I would say, "Stop trying to dominate nature."  
The illusions that
Just breathe in and out and again.This smog that clouds our mind-placing us in the realm of Negativity-will pass.
Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick Time spent wasted
  Grand Haven             Trusting, loving, funny             Leave me smiling             Day after day             Turned from gray  
I would change the view that it's not you to look up at one another as we walk from point a to point q   I would change how we feel when we're in a class
Th light of day gives to dark of night, How can one overlook this tribune? For even apathy has insight,
If life is like a drum, I’ll beat out my own rhythm   I’ll add in my melody Come and sing it with me   Play my heart to the beat Make it sound very sweet  
It's when we can't hit that right note When things just don't go fair We search for one single word Harmony is in the air When we all work together To make the world a better place
The smell of spruce The glistening fir The cloudy cool I know for sure The gentle rain It fills the air It cleans the earth It damps my hair The mountains sigh With refreshing need
If the grass fought the soil, there'd be no land If the land fought the sea, there'd be no Earth If the artery fought the vein, there'd be no heart And if the heart fought the blood,
A break in the norm Traditions broken Patterns erased Different, unexpected, new, life   Up or down, left or right, they are no longer options This a new beginning, a new time
Most days I’m a bashful pink.     Blushing and shy.     Constantly hidden. Then I become a ruthless sea green.
The world has shut me out. Told to never speak truths again. My mind holds back my hearts true nature and shoves it in a corner of doubt. My poor heart slowly becomes passive like a wild lion whipped into submission.
I think the Earth was crying, Because I woke up and there was rain. I think the world is dying, Because we cause it constant pain. What are we doing to God’s creation? -Hang our heads in shame.
Reaching out to others in need, Eager to honor, serve, and keep Secrets of others, either family or friend, Privacy regarded, helping hands to extend. Etiquette minded, impeccable manners,
ARGUMENT. Baile and Aillinn were lovers, but Aengus, the Master of Love, wishing them to he happy in his own land among the dead, told to each a story of the other's death, so that their hearts were broken and they died.
Once more the storm is howling, and half hid Under this cradle-hood and coverlid My child sleeps on. There is no obstacle But Gregory's wood and one bare hill Whereby the haystack- and roof-levelling wind,
(poems go here) DEAR fellow-artist, why so free With every sort of company, With every Jack and Jill? Choose your companions from the best; Who draws a bucket with the rest Soon topples down the hill.
MY dear, my dear, I know More than another What makes your heart beat so; Not even your own mother Can know it as I know, Who broke my heart for her When the wild thought, That she denies
A mermaid found a swimming lad, Picked him for her own, Pressed her body to his body, Laughed; and plunging down Forgot in cruel happiness That even lovers drown.
THERE is grey in your hair. Young men no longer suddenly catch their breath When you are passing; But maybe some old gaffer mutters a blessing Because it was your prayer Recovered him upon the bed of death.
(poems go here) 'O WORDS are lightly spoken,' Said Pearse to Connolly, 'Maybe a breath of politic words Has withered our Rose Tree; Or maybe but a wind that blows Across the bitter sea.'
(poems go here) WHERE dips the rocky highland Of Sleuth Wood in the lake, There lies a leafy island Where flapping herons wake The drowsy water rats; There we've hid our faery vats, Full of berrys
Music, the icing on the cake, Music, the jubilant fish in the lake. The vibes of my heart, The most colorful form of art. My bright life and happiness so far, Comes with the lid of the piano slightly ajar.
You are my muse and my melody A song in my head, my harmony I'm not Beethoven or Mozart But when I write my heart talks
Our body is just a shell That contains a soul Much larger than the skin And the bones That we are encased in The soul's size cannot be measured Because it stretches on forever
Would you sit with me again, and pour your heart in song? As I crawl and drag myself along, You crawled too, shared my burden with me.
As our ears experience the melodies of violins We can't help but surrender and fall into a beautiful trance. The cellos flow in, adding to the mind-numbing lullaby.
Love is us Sometimes i think words have difference definitions because love is you. When i look in your eyes its like im on vacation sitting by the pool like your eyes are blue.
Times a wasting and I'm running out of patience then again more like out of time. The clock tells the story and lipstick on the glass still there so you remain on mind.
Often my body sings the song of life, trying to outlive death. A breeze seems to take my body and guide me to the familiar ivory and wood, My head commands my fingers to dance along the keys, they do as they should
I’m writing this poem because I thought of you Sometimes I don’t know what to do All I ever do, is think about you Somewhere deep inside my heart You always know how to make it start I know we may be miles apart
You know i can't live without you I know this can be a clue I will do anything for you My heart is in your hand I hope that will forever stand You’re someone special to me Like it was meant to be
The night sings its lullaby as the dreamer falls asleep. She dreams of a sweet surprise, faster her heart seems to beat She wakes up to the glowing stars that are painted across the sky;
She's standing there, all alone... She doesn't know where to go. Can you hear her crying? Can't you see the way she's dying!? He was lying, she was trying, but all that happened was this fighting!
Your short, im tall Your hearts big, mines small You make me laugh, sometimes im cry You like to smoke, so we get high I tell you things, you always listen Were almost their but somethings missin
I noticer her in my dreams, I find her in my mind, Only true beauty I see with my own two eyes. Love is the key, The key to my destiny, providing the beat to our everlasting eternity.
I want to be lain in the skies above… Endlessly floating into oblivion beside a million dying stars. I long to be cradled by the billowing mists and blanketed by the sun’s rays… Kissing and marking my bare shoulders
When did it become so difficult to predict? The next departure, the next movement, the harmony? Why is it that we go on about letting society tell us what to do?
Black, white, yellow, brown, even purple. Rainbows of heaven that blend together to one to all beauty is the essence the shape the color the insides...the same unity, harmony
We are imperceptibly bound by the common chords of our humanity; colored threads weaving a rich tapestry of shared experience. Our similitude outshines our differences;
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