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When did it become so difficult to predict?
The next departure, the next movement, the harmony?
Why is it that we go on about letting society tell us what to do?

We all have the ability to compose our own masterpieces,
Yet we worry if the world will like it.
And so we write it to their likes.

Why is it that when we think we've found the right notes,
We're greeted with dissonance,
And the discord of knowing that those two notes
Will never make a melody?

A wise friend once told me,
"...don't write your music to what other people want
Because, ultimately, you're the one that has to listen to it
[for] the rest of your life
And if you're happy,
Then that's all that matters

Dont' worry about the other silly fools
And eventually, you'll find the right notes
Don't worry about that now
You'll find it."


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