The Chill

Often my body sings the song of life, trying to outlive death.
A breeze seems to take my body and guide me to the familiar ivory and wood,
My head commands my fingers to dance along the keys, they do as they should

The notes pour out like a waterfall of emotion
My heart sprints as I race along the sea of white and black
The wood creeks and I continue down life's rive in an unpredictable raft

Milestones are met with challenges and life is blur
Yet this chill keeps bringing my back to my music
The melodies support my like blood does a tick.

Through all of the madness surrounding, pain forces its war
These ever evolving rhythmic sounds continue to duel
With the constant whispers of my dreaming making me a fool

My waterfall will always continue to flow, as long as the chill of the never far piano never leaves my side.
Because the music is my guide.

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