The Second Hand of Sympathy

The sun just rose in lost connection,

Please undo the times we have held onto believe,

False hope, dreams, and expectation.

I'm just glad those two came out alive,

In due time, it's overwhelming inside.


Watch me fall through crecent loops,

Lucidity in the night.

I know it might be hard to reach with open arms,

But can you see how hard it is for some kids to breathe?

Maybe we all need something to shock our heart beats.


Spun deep,

In vodka and bleach,

30 degrees seperates you from me,


From the second hand of sympathy.


I got nine lives and bottle of whiskey,

Holdin' onto the week.

I bet he knows that she misses me,

But I just can't sleep.

Spun deep.

In vodka and bleach.

-Black out-

What I meant to say was.


The symmetry between the leaves and the sky tells me light is alive,

But I'm going to hard in the paint.

Believe me when I say I never thought that I would paint this way,

But as of late,

Bumblebees weave in and out of lanes,

Contradicting the feeling that we are all being tamed


Looking back at a glance,

Within a glimpse of the otherside,

I realize...


Your smile could heal 1000 words,

Existing for years in a twilight source.


If you were a moon and I was a star,

Light years would appear days apart.

Asteroids have pierced your skin,

But craters with hold a slip of consciousness.



Mother nature's kiss.

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