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I've lost a lot in my life, From happiness, to security, to fight. Even though I survived another night, I still wonder if I can handle this strife. So tonight I step out into the storm
I knew I shouldn't get excited I shouldn't get myself worked up I got a little taste of freedom  Now where am I? I'm fucked! You took the away the ocean with which I fell so deep in love
wind rattling weightless backyard furniture  wings buzzing near the pane scampering lizard up the wall scorpion families opening pincers into spring  even as I type the word scorpion I wish a
there's only lightthat shines inside
People look at you, And just see your past. They see your tattoos, And your jaded mask. But I look much further, And deeper within. What I see inside you Is a true gentleman. I see a heart
It's inside you Not out Hidden Not a shout
It's inside you Not out Hidden Not a shout
“Storm”   Have my anger, my greed, and my anxiety But foul thoughts, aren’t reminiscent of my piety. So time after time - and via subtle rhymes.
The boy who always yell, He bullies, He fights, He cries.   At home, Abused, Alone, Frieghtened.   No friends, No love, No one listening, No one.
I'm tired of all these morons acting like a philosophic class These people, more like sheeple standing lonely in the aftermath Thinking if only they can get the holy that is up for grabs
I have a hypothesis,
Hot, sticky, and wet
Without the filter I am weak. The filter makes me feel strong. Without the filter I do not belong. The filter makes me feel like one of you. Without the filter I am blue.
Me and Instagram we go back and forth like a pendulum
Let Me Be By Raquel Gonzalez   There’s a world around me
Each day I spend looking into the eyes of othersAt this girl who writes meaningful poemsAt this girl who watches way too much tvAt this girl who makes sarcastic remarks about every little thing
  imperfection is something only others see and in the end I will be the most perfect me I can ever be so why waste time and pick out my flaws
 Reaching into myself Trying to find the real me
F.l.a.w.l.e.s.s Unlike the rest I'm not flawless in my face But flawless in my ways My body shape may not be the Same But that doesn't subtract from my beauty nor my good grades F.l.a.w.l.e.s.s
A Message    
Love Is Love  
I may not have a body that’s hand-crafted marble With each curve and dip being smooth and alluring, Or a mind tuned as precisely as a clock, Or manners as polished as fine as fine jewels…
Every picture of me that I personally take does have some editing of my face.
It's all the flaws that make us all unique. Though I am not, and never will be, the size of mannequins at the boutique.   Even with all of my "flaws", they would say, my nose, my ears, my feet,
Beauty is not a simple thing,
Wickedly Talented, Idina Menzel She shows me what is truly like to be flawless She makes mistakes She laughs it off She gets nervous She has heartbreak She is exhausted She works hard
I am supposed to write about how I am flawless How I have no faults and am perfect But you see,    I am not flawless I am not perfect  I am only me   I make mistakes daily
I'm flawless by the curve in hip
Romans 5:18 "I loved you at your darkest" I have loved you at your darkest, my child, despite all you're hurt and pain. I loved you while you were on your phone searching for love and love again.
Quick take a picture What can we see? An everlasting flawess flitered picture of me Hair done Skin soft Eyebrows on fleek Eyes tipped Black dip, winged tip on me
When you feel weak, think of this- your skin literally absorbs sunlight and turns into vitamin D so that your bones stay strong. Darling, your body feeds on stars, it is the universe that keeps you alive,
My old friend, long since living in Tanzania was a friend of living. "You are flawless" she crooned. "Trust me, I know."
Years of bullying and I'm still head strong Over the past few I'm still going on Unsing my friends to help to support me  
One day my father asked me what I wanted to do, I lied.
Ever since I was a little girl, I was always told I was beautiful or cute. From my wide blue eyes To the way my hair would curl. As I grew older… Words remembered, encouraged Me to go forward.
  My older sister thinks that Madonna gave her a lobotomy, When she’s at the tail end of her medication and needs more, And even when she’s on them she talks off to the side,
Tall, Thin, Wealthy, Eye-catching. Nowadays, society values and feels magnetized to those who who are so materialistically aesthetic. Superficiality is a concept that is
I woke up to face me in the mirror butter ball naked I saw all the flaws I once so desperately try to hid From even the young lady in the mirror who did everything I did
There’s a woman there, I can see her. She stands out to me, it’s her eyes. Something about the way she’s staring back at me grabs me.
I am flawless, though not everyone knows I am flawless, doesn't it already show? the media may try to convince otherwise
How does it feel to be trapped behind a screen? In a world without dimension where perception is key. We iron our hair and puff out our lips in hopes that they don’t see What’s real?
I thought I was the flawless  in the past. But now I realize that with the critiques and the mistakes I've made,  I am flawless with a cause.   I am flawless because I have flaws on the outside that teach me.
    I have an innovative mind One with many characters and personalities My friends are imaginary, a figment of my dreams They come alive as I write on the pages inside a blank notebook of my alter worlds.
Who would ever understand The person that I am He says he loves, he seems so sure But he doesn't have a plan I try and try and try But only seem to fail If I try one more time
The girl lies on a cot -- The girl with hauntingly beautiful green eyes. With nothing but a battered baby blanket to cover her emaciated body. Her feet peek out from beneath the sheet, bloody and broken,
A person, full of pain and sorrow, a heart that is parted in the middle, held together with one thread of hope and faith…
My nail polish is chipping, andI wonder if the walls of myinsides are the same colorof sea greenbecause I feel a little sick,because I feel the paint peeling,piece by piece,my false peace in pieces.
You want change you say, and here you all are preaching it. Preaching it to please. Please who? Yourselves? Pu-lease.           Oh, oh, oh! I'll change lives.
You can buy alarms, locks, and keys,
Every hour of everyday, I see new worlds that none but I can see. A flurry and flood of creative innocense, the likes of which could never be believed.
Change.  Strange, we can't see.  If I could change anything, it would be: The fact we idolize the lives of other people, we use contrast to draw value and never equate ourselves to equal. 
A child quivers in fear as darkness overtakes a room
Inside i'm nothing Inside i'm a shadow, lost in the dark Inside I'm looking out 
Back into the abyss I flow, Back into the abyss I know, Back into the abyss I go, Where I won't be missed, I am the mist.
On the outside I am no one special I’m not significant, I’m not important I am just average Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin.
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
Three broken hearts all in one day, But my love for you still stays. We are silenced in the depths of darkness. I pray that someday the barrier will be broken For us to be away from the farthest of fears,
  Walls are fallen Words come alive Memories are seen History is broken Future is forgotten Emotions are meaningless
Butterflies In the Night Drift Away Without a Fight Lose Myself Lost in You Wondering why But Such a Pretty View No more sadness No more pain? Watch That Blood
I creep forward, advancing toward the dark hand that beacons me It motions for my advancement, yet my instinct restrains the movement of my feet Tugging and yanking at my weak knees, the hand forces me onward
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
Where in these dark caverns I lie alone, Hidden without the wakefulness pure bright In the shadows, I silently atone, Awaiting the purge of the searing light; But doubtly I conceal thyself of night
Somewhere inside me There is a force Trying to pull me into The Abyss of Darkness It is lurking Just on the edge Of my consciousness No matter how much I try It won’t go away
Protected by a hard shell, One of inspiration, happiness, and Nothing more but pure positive energy.  A shell that connects with people.   Buried inside lies the truth.Pain, Hurt, confusion, aloneness.
who am i who are you what are we really can you answer questions or not really see we spend so much time judging by wats on the outside when are we gonna see wats on the inside
Outside lives a guy with a smile that will brighten up the room, yet inside hides a guy with a frown full of despair.
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