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He was love  Love as a dove He love sweetly from above.    He was the pleasure of every heart  Melodious beat every, in every beat  The song sung from afar which lit.   
The earth stops spinning. As if time paused, every breath ceases.    I am Alice in Wonderland, falling to the ends of the earth.   As if I might never see a human face again, 
i want to write so much about you Ma,i just don't know where to begini don't want to wait till it's mother's day or women's day or even your birthdayso that i a acknowledge how much you mean to me,
I used to think no one was perfect. The idea of perfect being so distant from reality. Like the stars shining in the sky that continued on indefinitely, his love for me is shocking.
The stars spell your name in a thousand love letters, as we're hand in hand whispering secrets in the dark.  You bring sunshine on a rainy day with your laughter, drying my tears with a kiss.
Everyone tells me what I did wrong and how to fix it for next time. Next time. Next time there won’t be a next time. There are too many holes and trysts and trails in my heart I’m shutting it all down.
Once There was a castle. In that castle was a princess. Cursed, By danger and imperfection.  
I crave those moments When my deepest senses — of every corner, and of every edge of my entire being — are touched and awakened.   I crave those moments When my deepest senses
Because I love you  I became a better me  How can I love you properly  If I don't take care of myself Because I love you  I prayed for you  So your spirit may be strong 
Because I love you, I swallow your sins,
Because I love you, Your happiness is mine, Your problems are mine. Just like I am yours.  
You my love, with all that you are, encase me with sweet love and care. You found me in the worst time, but you stayed with me anyways. You, tried so hard to put me back together
You want me to go far, aim for where I cannot see To see me happy with who I am and the direction I am headed You understand what I contribute to this world while I cannot
You're so confusing You go by so many different names, like me, that half the time I don't even know what to call you So here's your label and I will call you by it forever, mine You are mine My number one bae,
Hair. My hair is beautiful. I have the hair of a princess. Long and flowy, and shines in sun; perfect in every way  I deserve the hair of a princess. 100 brush strokes every night
He's getting closer His lips graze mine I feel a sensation Burning deep inside I grab his waist Pulling him closer Feeling his skin Feeling the moisture I always wanted to do this
there is a place that shadows do not cast themselves where darkness has no residence I find this place somewhere where there is silence and as I sit alone I realize everything gray no light without one
Kiss and tell Kiss and tell I kiss him and I tell him That I love him 
I keep thinking of him Each time I see the crystals They shine like the light in his eyes They keep me wanting to whistle Each little Jewel Three of Purple, Four of White Makes me think of him
  He likes holding hands He likes gentle kisses He likes long romance He likes simple wishes He likes Brown hair He likes brown eyes He likes Palen skin He likes a daily Suprise
T here's a name at the beginning R eally, look close O nly some will understand Y et, I only need the one I love most E ven though, his name, I won't outright boast.
Sometimes I just wanna sing So loud it makes my ears ring But it's not enough It'll never be enough I've got no better way to say   I love you, I need you, I want you, I miss you
His big brown eyes are what pull me in, He thinks they’re dumb,But I think they’re beautiful.I look into his eyes and I find a story,  
She has the name of a season. My least favorite season, but she makes it adorable. She has the most beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.
I lie Restless Surrounded by a pitch black world of bird cries that squeak and creak through these paper thin walls. Sweat coats the inside of my thighs,
His gentle laughter Heart-warming touch Innocent smile Eyes that dance Wise beyond his years; Yet childish as well Growing up in a harsh world Until we've met
Small Wheels
I am what I was molded into From the time I was born I had people press their ideals Into my skin Until I had bruises they called Unique They imbued me with things Regarding how I should act
When I was fourteen years old one of my best friends died.  I wandered the halls of my dreary middle school where my anxiety levels rose and my confidence fell.  My heart raced as I ran from my classroom
I miss you like crazyI miss you for sureYou are my rockMy apple core You took the badAnd you made it goodI try not to laughAlthough I should
To me baseball is more than a game, Day in and day out i spend my constant time. With work and effort I will earn my fame, I feel as though my loss would be a crime. Nothing in life has ever felt so sweet, 
Eyeliner, masacara, eyeshadow, Concealer, foundation; All to take me away from me.   Which filter to choose? How to cover up myself? Maybe people will like me now.  
My eyes say it all They tether and beckon, Billow, shake, disrupt and push  My eyes are more eloqent than their empty novella
I Have the body of a god
They say I need to change to be more More what? I say I'm already as good as can be   From my mind  to my waisteline  and even feet- Yes! I say I'm already as good as can be
he told me to get lost. I replied, "I already was."
I awoke with a fright in the middle of the night. The light was gone; the light I saw with my eye that was missing it’s sight.
As my life passed me by,
You held me   You held me when I was strong You held me   You looked at my face and told me how beautiful my smile was
"Me"Free me, tempt me, I dare you to steal me;Sudden as the wind, let this heart mend.Treat me with your sweet kisses of embrace;
"Mine"I wish I could hold youYou don't remember our moments
I’m 15 and I dread waking up e
You want to love me? Prove to me your ability. I'm stronger than most men, You think you can handle me? Ha, prove it to me. Push me against the wall, Rub you rough hands Against my soft skin.
America “ Land of the Free” But what does that mean to me. Orphans, and poverty Opposition to authority Gangs and disrespect to minorities So really how free are we?
The stars shine down,Bathing the windows here.That sleepy frown,Something I hold dear. Those soft brown eyes,The way they shine at night.
Why is it that you can’t see Your own beauty? I wish I had a million words to Describe you. What is it that makes you Quietly doubt my love? I wish I had a million words to describe it.
My Words The space before me is blank Bound by nothing but the edge of the page. Skilled fingers move the pencil across the page Leaving a trail of grey marks, By magic they connect together
we never got any sleep when we were together but it wasnt until you  walked away 
Illuminated minds And related kinds Elated to find gold  In the mind that's my mind Unrefined, unaligned  With mainstream views As I daydream of good news Brighter days, righter ways
He calls out to me. I hear His voice. "My child, you are mine!"   He loves my soul. I delight in His presence. "My child, you are mine!"   The waves rise. The Earth trembles.
Can you see my love  Im right in front of you  Right here! right here! Tell me you see my love  Show me you still care  Can you give me a sign other than playing with her hair
A poet, so determined, to write his first line, He wanted to make it his own; he would call it “Mine.” His intentions were incomplex; The pen would do the talking, Scribbling what was next,
You may not know, you may not notice. You may not care, you may not think this. Fore I am a Shadow, behind and infront all of you. I get stepped on, ignored, walked past, but never show the pain.
Everyone's looking for their someone, The one to make them whole. Everyone keeps wishing, To be a less lonely soul. You hope that person's out there, With all the love you need.
“Anything war can do, peace can do better.” Then why have we been stuck in this war forever? A war against each other, a war against ourselves.
When I see you, my heart singsWhen we talk, the rest of the world melts awayWhen we laugh, my spirit soarsWhen we touch, it is as if heaven and earth meetWhen we kiss, my life turns into a fairytale.
I use to stay up until quarter after 2 in the morning just to make sure you made it home I use to hold your hand during the scary part of the movie so you would know
When you tell me that you hate the way your thighs come together,  I will cover them in kisses until you remember to be glad that they are attached to your body.  
The first time you meet a boy Hold his hand, kiss his cheek, and fall in love. When he tells you that you are the only reason he has not killed himself, Do not stay.  
They are covered in the dirt, Covered in the soot of a firepit,Covered with grit, Covered with potting soil,With flower petals,With gloves, With dirt under the nails. Hands that know housework, Know the vibration of the vacuum,Smells like the furn
She can see it, See your heart glowing. You think you hide it well, But babe, it's showing. And you know, it's just a bit obvious, That her heart's glowing back at yours. So tell her more... Tell her more.
The passing street signs slow as my Hopeless gazing locks to the shine Of the moon on the water And I’ve made my mind It is time for change, a brand new game, A different set of lines
Would you stay? Just a little while longer. Must you leave me right now? Would you let me feel your gentle touch Before I can feel it no more. And your beautiful lullaby voice.
A beautiful soul time takes a toll waiting waiting waiting My love, my hearts truest Where are you? Why do you hide? I can't bide my time forever, and soon you'll be a faint line on my inner thigh.
You don't where I come from You don't know what I've been through You don't know how many nights I Stayed up crying for you You just think this is a game But you're the one to realy blame
Running down a dirt street With my bare feet Holding on your hand As tight as I can And never letting go Running from my past And going to the future Running through time ain't a bad crime
When we first met It was a dream come true Which i could never forget Because it was only you Who was there for me When i was down There i could see It was you i found To be
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