Nation of The Free


America “ Land of the Free”

But what does that mean to me.

Orphans, and poverty

Opposition to authority

Gangs and disrespect to minorities

So really how free are we?

When there’s banging as far as the I can see

 Racism plays a big role

Our hatred for each other has taken its tole

In our society has a great gaping hole

Each little crack left in individual souls

The blood that runs through my veins isn’t my choice

The color of my skin isn’t my voice

I am not ghetto, or ignorant

Be free rejoice

If American doesn’t define you

Then embrace what does

From the Hood to the Mansions

From the streets, to a home

Where you’re from doesn’t define you

It is where you plan to go.

I am who you see

I am me

 I belong

In the nation of the free


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