The stars shine down,

Bathing the windows here.

That sleepy frown,

Something I hold dear.


Those soft brown eyes,

The way they shine at night.

Your quiet sweet disguise,

May be your biggest fight.


The look as you rest,

Your eyes flutter in dreams.

Knowing your stress,

Has you bursting at the seems.


I’m so afraid,

You’re losing grip.

The cards have been laid,

Love, please don’t slip.


Your hand that trembles,

And creates with ease.

Pain that resembles,

Some strange disease.


God keep my love,

Fast in your mind.

God far above,

Please be kind.


The moon requires,

Attention from us.

The sun rewires,

The hope that was.


My big brown eyes,

Watching you sleep.

My grave, discreet disguise,

And the secrets I’ll keep.


The look as you smile,

Thanks to your dreams.

I hope they’re worth while,

Life isn’t as it seems.


You’re so afraid,

And you’re losing steam.

The attention I crave,

Will be there ‘til you leave.


My hand that traces,

Your hand in mine.

Your heart races,

And keeps in time.


God watch my love,

And help his fears.

God way above,

Let him know I’m still here.


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