When you tell me that you hate the way your thighs come together, 

I will cover them in kisses until you remember to be glad that they are attached to your body.


When you tell me that your face will never be as beautiful as the models on t.v., 

i will cover every inch of your beautiful body in glitter until you see just how brightly you shine. 


When you tell me that you hate the way your hair grows, 

I will sit with you in front of the mirror, doing hair-do after hair-do after hair-do, until you don’t. 


When you tell me that you can’t stand the thought of seeing your naked body in the shower, 

I will sit outside the shower curtain reminding you that the very thing that repulses you, means the world to me. 


When you tell me the scars that cover your body makes you ashamed, 

I will hold you even tighter and remind you that survival does not make you weak. 


When you call me the night before the final that determines my future and tell me you want to kill yourself, 

I will drive the eight hours separating us to come home, to you, while telling you the entire way why I need you to stay. 


When you tell me with tears streaming down your face that you hate yourself, 

I will love you until you are strong enough to love yourself.



This is beautiful! 

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