You're so confusing

You go by so many different names, like me, that half the time I don't even know what to call you

So here's your label and I will call you by it forever, mine

You are mine

My number one bae,

One of my closest friends,

My ship in a storm

You are mine

My life boat

My angel in disguise saving me from myself

I used to hate walking down the halls at school hearing the whispers of how sexy you are

I'd laugh and think if you only knew 

I used to hate being stopped by the cool guys and wannabes trying to figure out why I'd hang out with you, a bi kid when I could do so much better

I'd roll eyes and say,"because he cares and he's always there. Because unlike you, he'd stay and fight my invisible fears. He'd pull off

all my heavy baggage until I'm light as air or he'd sit with me through all my meaningless tears "

I used to hate when you did something stupid because you're you or you're just nervous. and the whispers start

I'd clear my throat and narrow my eyes, a death glare aimed at the speaker and say,"you notice the bad and never the good

you should get to know someone before you judge, that you should"

I used to hate whenever you came up to me all nervous wondering if you changed something on the outside of your body would I 

still be your friend

I'd scoff and tell you how ridiculous you sound, I love what's on the inside 

more than what's on the out and I have/ I will always accept you no matter how different you are

I love when you smile it lights up your whole face

I love whenever I try to go incognito for a friend *Olivia* you always know what's going on 

but you go along with it because you think I'm cute, small, and childish and you repeatedly say how much you love it

I love whenever I get a crazy idea in my head you always go along with it

I love how in every picture I have of you you're always looking down or away because you hate taking pictures, but it

makes you seem shy and innocent and I know you're anything but that

I love the retarded death threats that we always give each other along with the petty insults, that

those outsiders look on to with a confused gaze, but this is our way of saying I love you

I love how with distance we never stopped being us; we just grew closer together

So yeah you have a label and it's not:



or Retard 

It's mine 

Because you are mine and you forever will be

You are my Avi

This poem is about: 
My family


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