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I know certain people only have a certain time with each other,​But even some are meant to last forever.​I do not know when exactly our story will terminate,​But I want you to know how much you made me great.
The clock can’t strike thirteen. Midnight’s chimes are the last call. Cinderella hears the tolling and runs Fleeing Leaving The prince on the dance floor With only a memory
Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
She lost her mother Like no other. No mother No other New mother  Step mother Step sister Would have hugged and kissed her Loved and missed her, Stuck with step mother and sisters
Hello I’m Drizella I’m going to marry a fella Royal and tall He’ll catch me when I fall during the waltz and the tango   Wrapped in a bow
2 step sisters  Both stuffed with perfect red string and pearls their brown hair like worms, and their eyes pools of mudd on the outside, they appeared unflustered and unamused pretty as porcelain dolls 
Once upon a time...There lived a beautiful blonde babyWith skin kissed by the sun Her black is more beautiful than goldAs the story
there was a princess who didn't get her perfect ending. the blanket shielding happy eyes is still casted by the faux story of a princess who didn't get her ending.
BAM She walked into my house-party She was beautiful amazing breathtaking kind My heart is beating fast There is music in my ear And when you smiled at me
You've heard the magical tales  Of faraway lands With flying children, lovesick mermaids Genies in the Arabian sands  
Cinderella, Cinderelli?  No one knows her real name The one who dreads to marry her  Will live happy days.   Prince Charming, Prince Charming is known to be a player
once upon a time in a land far away a girl was afraid of   a stranger who did not belong and sisters who were fake   maybe just one, she says taking the pill with a swig of water
Once upon a time, a young lady ran away from the ball. Due to stereotype, Cinderella immediately comes to your mind. The difference is Cinderella's prince searched for her, the young lady's prince did not.
She wakes, startled by a whisper breezean awakening breeze. She remembers her loss,the abuse that came after.She bowed her head and remained pious and good.
    My life has been really bad But it's no reason to get sad   I have terrible people here But soon they will fear   Tell me you feel pity  But if you do, Know I'm witty  
We all know the story of Cinderella Snuck out, lost a shoe and met a fella They change the story as time went by But I have the non-fiction, refreshing lines She did sneak out, she lost the heel,
Dear Diary,   I wish I felt guilt instead of just fear to be someone good to avoid their piercing leers   Drizella and I were never very close Though we did everything together
I know you don't recognize my name,Although my story revels in fame.My step-sister, what a fella.Do you know her? Cinderella.Before you start to snide,Please listen to my side. Once upon a time,
Once upon a time There laid a beast who hid herself all too well oh my, oh dear, oh Cinderella She was the wickedest of them all but her beauty veiled her perfectly well However, I've seen her true naure
All of the lights against the floor, music floating through the room. Women dressed to be looked at soon, the eligible approaching in groups of four.  
What would happen to Cinderella if she never lost her father?
With my prominent chin, Dyed hair, And closed lips, I glanced at my stepsister.  
Cinderella, lives her stepmother and step sisters in LA  Her step sisters do nothing except tan out in the sun all day 
Once upon a time there lived a girl named Cinderella, Her story seemingly ends in joy - she married her fella! And although most know this iconic tale,
Cinderella dressed in blue Went to a club to go find a boo Her feet were killing her So she took off her shoes She moved her hips to the catchy tunes   She was drinking way too much
Cinderella... So beautiful and down to earth An amazing young lady, unaware of her worth Constantly mocked, always rejected One of the millions feeling neglected A simple night out, but nothing was ever the same
here's to you, you knees on the ground, yes please, no thank you, wide eyed dreameryou thin-lipped, ruby-throated optimist, you girl in a dress that doesn't sit quite right on a staircase that feels too big
Who knew that a shoe could be the path to love? The prince thought it couldn't be true that she was gone.   He was considered a fool. Others would ask, "You didn't get her name?!"
They know me as the girl with the glass slipper The one who lived as a slave, constantly hearing my evil stepsisters bicker
More than a slipper though they could not see bibbidi bobbidi boo did not define me   Fairy godmother knew I was more than a shoe more than the ball, where I fooled them all
Glass, Glass, Glass, It echoed in her mind,  as she could just never find the time, To try go and make that climb.
(Prince's perspective) that night, i went searching for you running through a maze
they say money can't buy happiness but if you were me money is the only way to get out and not fade into cinders  
It was like he was age ten again, Tired from an outdoor adventure, having fallen asleep, And, after a brief jostle in which Father Picked him up to put to bed, He was drowning In warmth and happiness.
Soft lips, Soft hair. Gentle eyes, Gentle stare. The tug of his smiles, which I saw only few; The drips down my face now common as morning dew. I long for one's fingertips to brush my own,
Sinderella, you're as horrific as you name. Sinderella, you're the only one to blame. Just one night and yet, it was enough time Your once pretty face, slashed at the scene of a crime.
She lay in the ashes, cold and fair, With light eyelashes and golden hair. Cinders, sisters, spinsters, blisters, Haunted the dreams of the working girl, A tangle in a palace of curls.   
Once upon a time, I left my dress In torn pieces on the floor Where my sisters ripped it off And left before they did more.   Once upon a time, I left my home To venture into a one-night dream
I long to see my father again Who past suddenly But just away One day we will meet again For now I have his heart at bay.   I have been the sweetest girl I wish I could of spread love more
I long to see my father again Who past suddenly But just away One day we will meet again For now I have his heart at bay.   I have been the sweetest girl I wish I could of spread love more
She was a girl of only seventeen And knew her way around a sewing machine. Marriage wasn't on her radar But one day he found her. Now she has to file joint taxes.
Cinderella for a day as a quincanera queen, she put on her dress and walked through spring, oh what a dream.    Modeling with her court who where her gaurds for the night, they gave her the floor
I am not Cinderella But I happen to have her shoe size A coy smile And I’ve come to the conclusion That this Is enough For a man
I am not Cinderella But I happen to have her shoe size A coy smile And I’ve come to the conclusion That this Is enough For a man
There she was doing what she does cleaning up after that horrid family   Her father, a noble man married a woman who was much less than. But Cinderalla, was an anomaly  
No chance.No way. Next click. Sent away.  Being a princess isn't always easy, particularly when the tuition deadlines breeze in.  Fees to high even for a king.
Dust. Sweep. Mop. Clean. All day every day.  I do what you say, my Prince Charming.  But you still hit me anyway.  You said I was your dream.  Remeber how we danced? All the way until twelve. 
Once upon a time the was a boy in a mahogany canoe. The boy and his mahogany canoe drifted down a stream that contained memories of an individual in the water's reflections. From what the boy could percieve he saw a young
Once upon a time, there lived a fairy godmother. She spent her whole life granting wishes to unfortunate girls. She would hear their pleas alwyas at night, keeping her up, fufilling their wishes one by one.
Once upon a time, There was a girl whose name was Cinderella. Now most would think she was a maid, But really she was a slave. She was the most hideous girl in the land,
Cinderella walked into the gym Thoughts of losing were very slim. Filled with confidence sitting with her team Sizing up the competition with her eyes full of gleam. Win after win her team piled up
Though her face shines like a diamond, Her hands lust for gold. Her heart is very cold, And her cupid has naked bows.
My dearest Cinderella Why have you done this to me  I saw you and the prince dance the tarantella  But now all I can do is weep for I cannot see    It was all Anastasia 
Queen of Cinders, Dressed in dust and dirt, With a mop for a wig, And a washcloth for a skirt.   Her dreams were colored in silver, Her heart was dipped in gold, She wanted something bigger,
Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella,  She thought that she met a really nice fella He held the door  and left her wanting more.  Her step-sisters warned her 
You narrowed your mind And it’s such a shame; The wasted potential, The weight of the blame. It lies heavy on your shoulders, On your mind, your heart. It consumes your soul,
The glass slipper, the carriage . You all know the story . That vacuous Cinderella ended up with all the glory. Evil stepmother , I'm the one you love to hate . When I locked her in that dusty room I thought I sealed her hellish fate. But years we
She was tired of studying all day, tired of being alone, She wanted to go outside and socialize, She wanted to get out of her home   She joined a sorority to meet new people,
    Ah, Cinderella. The girl who stole my crown....   I'm sure you've heard her fairytale, but let ME tell you how it really went down.        Cinderella was never a slave, she was practically a queen!   
In a world of darkness lived a girl lonely and depressed. Suicidal? Yes.  She nevver wanted to be. Everyone she knew blamed her. For Everything. Their problems. Them losing things. Being Late. It had nothing to do with her.
Hannibal the cannibal was not always in a cage He once was a marvelous prince, some thought he be-ith a mage Every night a different bachelorette enticed by his charm 
And they lived happily ever after Or at least that’s what they wanted us to believe You grow up and realize that doesn’t exist Cinderella was a fraud Made us believe we’d find that one prince
I wish I wish I wish This mantra plays in my head Making dazed dizzy.   As I scrub these halls and my stepsisters call me I am tired of waiting of hoping of dream
For you have heard the story of Cinderella told,  but don't be fooled, the true story is about to unfold.    Pleasing on the eye, as beautiful as can be, 
Corrupt daughters of remarried stepmother In servitude place our poor Cinderella No ball, they intend, until pigeons come hither Dress Cindy up to catch the eye of a fella
"So this is love..."   The thought echoes off the caverns of my mind,as cold and empty as the darkened motel room in whichI am grateful I cannot see  
The stroke of midnight, it warns me. Magic spells passes from eyesight Underneath the starlight, a crippled dress clings warmth Setting forth onto a path with two slippers. It figures it would end like this,
Cinderella, a wench, slopped her way into the castle. “I’m cleaning,” she’d say though the words were a lie.   She listened and learned,
He came, I went Hiding who we are Swinging around in our façades and gowns Scared and vengeful to the world   We stopped Delighting in each other bliss Thinking of others in a selfish era
she was looking for in spare parts or corners not change; but something to put in her pocket that would grow warm over night pressed against her skin something very little
If your daughter came to you with tears on her face, If your daughter came to you with rejected disgrace, Because a stranger, of the ball, took her predestined place,
I'm so understated Glass slipper? I mean, so overrated Cinderella this, Cinderella that but you never hear about Drizella What's up with that?   I watched and I waited
My Feet of all things Is what spurred his obsession So find me he must Or the land falls into depression.   Not my sparkling blue eyes Or the gold in my hair But the slender curve of my foot
Cinderella, the beautiful mistreated princess who met her prince and lived happily ever after.  We always hear the story of her and how her dreams came true after sneaking out to go to the ball, where she lost her glass shoe. However, let's pay at
i am not a princess,  i am a queen.   at my fingers is not a bippity boppity wand, but a sword called excalibur. at my side is not a mouse and a sweet bird, but the servant of maleficent, 
7 Thing They Didn't Tell You About The Wicked Stepmother Number 1 She is actually a nice person. That is of course before she was robbed of her happiness by society. Number 2
Once upon a time In a land not so far away Where the balance of good and bad Forever sway   But what would happen
"Grounded, you can't go out!" I heard, he didn't have to shout. "You can't go to the prom!" I think, he should take that up with mom.   Dad slammed the door shut, off to work
Once upon a time  Is how stories usually begin  But this story has a twist  It's the tale of Cinderella's twin    Few people have heard Of Lena Tremaine  Who's tale was forgotten 
They gave me a name and started writing my story. I was give girly characteristics and made to be a boy's dream girl.
Why was I cursed For only trying to love a child? She did not come from my womb But how I longed To hold her near my breast In comfort
Once upon a time there were Cinderella’s in the world A Cinderella’s love was stellar Full of confidence she glowed But glowing out of gloom she folds
Cinderella badly wanted to kiss a fella, But her stepmom knew of the prince's "kiss of death." You see, this prince was addicted to mozzarella, And suffered from a severe case of bad breath.
I've changed, I'm done I cut my hair and died it  I've changed my style  but they denied it  she's gone, it's over as I once thought but now I'm stronger  so I'm taking this spot 
(Cinder)ella had pleaded A wish she had needed The young fairy was happy to provide Ella desired a prince Who would love her since
Tick Tock Tick Tock On the bell tolls telling me of your end Tick Tock Tick Tock There’s never a way to escape the clock Tick Tock Tick Tock
There was an evil stepmother named Tuition Her daughters Loan and Debt were on a mission My Fairy Scholarship broke the fall And I met my Prince Degree at the ball But when the clock struck 12 I lost ambition
We all know that once upon a time This blonde headed animal lover was fine as a dime She had friends that were mice to feel less alone For her stepsisters and stepmother had taken over her home
Once upon a time, Is where you’d like to start But this is no fairytale More of a gleam into the dark. The Glass slippers everyone talks about
Long ago, in a far away land, The lonely princess had a plan. To hide her beauty and wit, And live in the dust and dirt and grit.    
Once upon a time A girl loved a boy. A bewitching boy. A boy she had never met A boy she only knew from afar But a boy she loved nonetheless.   One day the girl got a message
They see her, petite and gorgeous, They compare themselves to her small frame, Wondering why they cannot look like her, Petite and gorgeous.
They see her, petite and gorgeous, They compare themselves to her small frame, Wondering why they cannot look like her, Petite and gorgeous.
There once was a princess named Cindy. She knew she was a betty.  With her big blue eyes,  And royal disguise,  No wonder her sister were petty. 
a day a month a year thats how long they've known each other  it started in deep winter  it was still an adventure  they never spoke about the future  they never spoke about the kids
Smoke. Smoke is everywhere, and the multicolored lasers fire off to the beat of the music. The crowd pulses and moves to the bass slamming through them, and there were no drugs needed at this party to feel blissfully happy.
once upon a time... when the moon hung high the clock struck twelve, and the young prince fell.  His thoughts were hazed, she was one to amaze. Her feet glided around, never really touching the ground. 
I had paused in the corridor, faltering in my crystal shoes, my gut flipping with a cold sense of unbelonging. The floor was lucent gold and smoother
In this particular fairytale, There is no poisoned apple or bread trail. Instead, there is a girl and a glass slipper. No Grimm details, no sign of Jack the Ripper.   Our story begins with Cinderella,
She had a ruby gemstone hue to her hair yet became trapped in the shadows because of her name, and warm, worn-out eyes from witnessing conniving Cinder, true to her ashen, dark name,
her lips part at the arduous notions of  stepmother bound to her trail of agony, shallowed dress keeping pace  with its tendrils attached to tressels of white lipped fingernails 
The scene always opens with a girl in rags On the floor Tired and overworked Exhausted and sore. The archetype who deserves so much more.
Roses are red,  people wilt too,  Cinderella is fading away.  She works day and night,  to her sisters' delight, on the filthy ground like a slave.  A knock on the door,  a man with a letter, 
A young girl, who was kind and true, Lost her mother which left her world askew.   After, her father married a widow that never quite behaved
Deep in her sleep, mice sung and danced. Birds perched on her window sill and told her about the world. In her dreams, Cinderella was a princess with magic on her side. She never cleaned, she never worked,
Once upon a time There were seven kingdoms Founded by seven sisters And blessed by an immortal witch The stories of these kingdoms You may find familiar But know that all is not as it was told  
Once upon a midnight dreary Cinderella could see her future clearly A life in a house With step-mother louse Cinderella's eyes got quite bleary.   Enough of this! She blarted As she stood
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful mistress. Her story is cruel; You don't want to miss this.   With a name like Cinderella Can cause quite the mutter. Causing her to isolate herself
Once upon an Ending the Earth fell on my shoulders as if I was Atlas carrying the whole world The sky shattered like glass on to my skin making scars deeper than they have been  
Once upon a time... There was a young lad named Cinderfella  Who lived with his stepfather, and his hideous step brothers And they abused this poor lad hella It had gotten worse since the death of his mother.
"Clocks on the wall Talk to watches on the wrist It's the (moments) we relive It's the moments like this"
In ashes, the pot is as black as the kettle. A princess in rags wouldn’t stoop to my level. What would you do in my shoes? What do I? Life gives me a pumpkin, I make pumpkin pie.
Once a upon a time, There was a girl named Cinderella who was poor. Her cruel stepsisters and stepmother Made her do all the chores.  
Cindy around the block hated wearing shoes on her feet. She had scars on her toes from the dirt on the street. When she went to market, her stepmom made her wear them,
Soot covered clothes, Rough calloused hands, No one cares to know, no one understands That girl who became royalty, I would hate to foil the Fantasy The false reality
waltzing, with clarity, with passion the body moves how the voice knows not to speak with one’s feet paints a most vibrant picture of the soul   reach out, extend the arms a welcoming embrace
They hurt my feet these slippers red as a beet I don't want to go to a fancy hall or wear makeup on my face  in this "gorgeous" sheet. but those horrible sisters and mom they say
Once Upon a Time In a castle on a hill Lived a princess of nursery rhyme Who changed her life with an iron will   Cinderella a classic story A cinematic hoot From Grimm her tale is gory
This is something most alarming, All the guards are scurrying, swarming, Carting 'round the great Prince Charming, Knocking every village door!   If you ignore 'em they come charging
Cinderella knew her wealth wouldn’t last For when the market crashed At the mercy of the dollar Her blue dress became a blue collar.  
Her vision was dark; almost a luminescent black capturing the silenced room. She tried to add color, any color, to her line of sight, but nothing came.
Cinderella do this, Cinderella do that Always demanding and ringing to call me as if I was a maid Constantly I clean up after you and I don't even get invited to a town's parade Today I'm breaking free
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess Now we all know how this story goes but noone knows cinderella woes This story is often told from people looking in Noone knew her struggle and what she felt within
She was the beauty in all the land Yet no fair man would take her hand Her dreams she would trace in the sand To live with the stars was her only plan No one could save her soul's dismay
I’m a brown eyed girl, Perfectly average, Was never enough for the prince. It may have seemed like I had it all, But all I wanted, Was a kiss, Upon my lips. My dream was never a reality,
She grabbed her pearl beads And her room key Left her soul in agony Cold street corners Search for donors Empty handed she won’t be Empty hearted, possibly Dying slowly, audibly
A crazy grandmother A blood red shawl A stuck-up step-mother A Prince’s Ball   Ember
There was a girl named Cinderella who met a handsome young fella the prince proposed then she forgoed and suddenly gave him an umbrella  
You know the Cinderella tale, How a peasant became a princess. But do you know what might have happened  If the Fairy Godmother had not appeared? What if Cinderella never went to the ball?
Cinderella got the shoe  Cindrella got the dream  Cinderella was seen Cinderella had a clue  But what the author doesn't portray  What the author doesn't say  The author doesn't use the words--
You can say what you want I still remember As if i fucking want to   the floor butter and dried up soda, behind movie screen
Gently eyes, kind heart O I wish a pawn a star With each passing moment my heart flutters alight; His smile shines brighter than all the stars combined As whimsical music flows out through the night
Once Upon A Time, She heard the clock chime, Only to tell her the magic was leaving, But she didn't care for she was believing She would see him again. That blue dress and perfect hair,
I’m no Cinderella Never lost a glass slipper Never got prince charming I’m no Cinderella Always felt strange Faraway Slipping away Always felt strange
she's more than just a pretty face with basic taste   her insecurities, she hides them well   but they still leave a trace   I see her come home at night  
You use to be my Luke Sky-Walker, and now you are my Hans Solo. (Star Wars) You were tired of monkeying around. (Jungle Book)
Broken hearts are like broken glass Hearts shine at a glimpse of light but... Are going to shatter at the slightest crack Like Cinderella's slipper, falling to the stone Broken, with no one to pick up the pieces
The unforgettable night I had, That made everyone except me mad, I was playing in a basketball game, To win it was my aim, Splish splash the net goes, The sound only ballers know,
How many frogs do I have to kiss  to get a prince who will give me bliss. How many lamps do I have to rub to give me someone I can truly love.
  The future is unknown to anyone. All we can hope for is the best, Until this short life is done. Blue, brown, hazel eyes of all earthly guest
Yeah, I'm white Never Been in a fight But my dream is to knock out some lights Talkin' 'bout dreams, one-a mine's to be free Ya see, my parents lock me down with a key Yo, little do you know about me
The sweet reverie of a little girl in a Cinderella dress Does not hold a demise For no person shall attempt to withhold her She has imagination creativity innocence virtue Let her twirl
I wear a red dress; Bloodied from a long lost heel; I am now a woman.
Like those girls in the movies Where's my prince? That'll search how and low For the matching fit Like those girls in the movies Where's my point guard? That'll play me one on one
Have you ever seen eyes that speak sermons.Respirations that birth holy spirits.With those kind of eyelids that are like curtains,Blocking out sunlight that flowers cherish.
To be honest, I'm scared. I feel like Cinderella Void of a happy ending.  I lived a prosperous life. The crash happened. The situation worsened. Now I am drowning 
  Looking up at chandeliers with broken glass, You lay down as you remember all your time that has passed. Thinking of your prince and how love went through your heart like a beam, But then you awake and realize that was all but a dream.
Gold and red-checkered lips. Pink and purple plumage in pin-curled hair. Corsets colliding with chosen partners. Flickers of light from silver sequins scattering the ballroom.
Fairytales I never used to believe in fairytales I’m not like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12. Won’t prick my finger and fall asleep Or become a prisoner and love a beast. But I met you
You say I was your Cinderella. The problem, though, is that Prince Charming doesn’t lie and Cinderella isn’t supposed to be a troubled soul. I think, if I have to be a princess, I’d rather be Fiona,
To the ball I go Under bright stars To fetch my dreams Making them mine To dance until dawn In glass slippers Once upon a dream The clock It strikes And midnight hits
Two evil sisters Cinderella, a poor maid Her sisters prepare Magnificent scene The royal ball of the king The Music like gold
pulling out my hair drowning in despair Cinderella made me believe in happily ever after and driving into the sunset chased by laughter even though her prince left her because of the baby weight
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