Prince Harming

Hannibal the cannibal was not always in a cage

He once was a marvelous prince, some thought he be-ith a mage

Every night a different bachelorette enticed by his charm 

Would climb to the top of his castle and vanish without any alarm 

The local Balls are where he did his hunting

Where the women were as beautiful as he was cunning

Although his appetite was vast

These homely women would never last

With their crooked agendas, stealing land by the mile

Prince Hannibal craved a girl pure of heart with an angelic smile

In walked a porcelain angel with golden locks

She fled once 12 was struck on everyone of the clocks

With only her glass heel to sustain his hunger

The Prince plotted in his castle, his most insidious plunder

He planned to interview every dame at the dance

The agression inside grew without control, he needed this chance 

His hunger exploded but with no interest in chicken or veil 

Nothing entered the princes' mind except for his next meal

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