Cinderella Misses the Ball!


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Once a upon a time,

There was a girl named Cinderella who was poor.

Her cruel stepsisters and stepmother

Made her do all the chores.


From cleaning the windows,

To mopping the floor,

Cinderella’s life

Sure seemed to be a bore.


At the door,

The messenger gave Cinderella a letter.

That’s when she suspected

Her life would get better.


“Let me see!”

The stepsisters snatched the letter out of Cinderella’s hands

And read it

They couldn’t stand


That Cinderella was invited to the upcoming ball

And they was not

They then wished Cinderella

Would go to hell and rot.


But strong-hearted Cinderella

Was not discouraged by her stepsisters’ rudeness.

She kindly pleaded to her animal friends

To make her a beautiful dress.


The mice sewed the dress together.

Ribbons and jewels were added by the birds.

Together, they all created

The most beautiful gown in the entire world.


Unfortunately, that night,

Cinderella was feel sick.

“Maybe I’ll take a little nap,” she thought.

“For a little bit.”


And she napped

A little bit too long.

She awoke

At the midnight gong.


“Oh no!” she cried

“I’ve missed the ball!

I guess it won’t be happily ever after for me

After all.”


She looked to her left.

The gown was gone without a trace.

One of the stepsisters must have gone

In Cinderella’s place!  


The next morning

The prince arrived at the doorstep.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Cinderella wept and wept.


“I missed the ball and-!”

“Oh, be quiet!” Anastasia interjected.

Her attitude

Made Cinderella feel more dejected.


“Come along now, my prince,” Drizella requested.

“Take me for a walk.”

But the dear prince

Could not help, but gawk


At the beautiful Cinderella

He told her, “Come, put on a beautiful gown.”

The next thing she knew,

She was dancing with him around town.


The prince fell in love with Cinderella

And the next day made her his wife.

Cinderella could not wait

To start her new life.


From times of depression and frustration

To those of happiness and laughter,

Cinderella finally got

Her happily ever after.  



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