Cinderella met a fella

once upon a time...

when the moon hung high

the clock struck twelve, and the young prince fell. 

His thoughts were hazed, she was one to amaze.

Her feet glided around, never really touching the ground. 

How could he not hold onto her with passion running through his veins?

Her beauty, her grace, made her his everything. 

She had to leave, for the time had ended their august dream.

But the blinded prince didn't want to lose this chance,

being a prideful boy, he decided to prance.

He bribed her to stay, and all she needed to say

was those three conditional words, or he would let her go like a bird. 

He grew so desperate, he ceased to care if they had an unfeiged love.

He feared he would not find another who was as beautiful as a dove. 

The prince was a child, and the game was set. 

The prince was wild, and he had yet to lose a bet. 

His graceful blonde contemplated whether to stay,

she said her step mom would not be at bay. 

She would not kill a fly and had not conscidered being sly. 

He insisted that she hide in the palace,

where she could not be touched by the step mother's malice. 

And eventually his blonde gave in, and the two resulted in sin. 

If he had put a ring on it that night, the poor prince would not have drowned in fright. 

How could he have knocked up a peasant? 

And her ability to be a royal was truly displeasant. 

Her heart of gold wasn't enough, and the decision he made was unbearably tough. 

The prince cut the blonde out of his life, no one could know about his almost wife. 

The king and queen would have been so upset,

if they had known what their little boy had done on a bet. 

The blonde raised the child by herself, 

but at least she wasn't a princess, collecting dust on a shelf. 

And that little selfish prince, had been lonely ever since. 

But their so called love wasn't what he missed, 

it was the way he held her when they kissed. 

At least that little prideful prince could say he had never lost a bet, 

and his day to inherit the crown with his arranged marriage was set. 


/Jaiden H./


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