Gloomy Ever After

Once upon a time

There laid a beast who hid herself all too well

oh my, oh dear, oh Cinderella

She was the wickedest of them all

but her beauty veiled her perfectly well

However, I've seen her true naure


Cinderella, was your kindness just a mask to get people to pity you?

Was the entire world really blinded by who you were?

Were we foolish to feel any real pity?

This is my story

The sad, untold truth

I am the the "ugly, wcked stepsister"

Well, Cinderella made sure that was how everyone remembered me

I opened my heart out to a liar

only to have it ripped to shreds


Cinderella, were you really the one being mistreated?

You tricked me into becoming your friend

so you could steal my friends

so you could steal my boyfriend---the most charming prince

You stole my happiness forever

I cried out for help

but I was labeled the enemy


You were Cinderella---the fakest person I ever met

You turned me into the bad guy

Who would believe me?

After all, you were the most stunning, beatiful girl. Right?

And I was just me---the "ugly, wicked stepsister" who everyone hated


So happy ever after?

More like gloomy ever after

For me, there was no happy ending even though

I was the kind stepsister

I was the good one

I was the fairest one.

Still, the cruelest girl got away with everything

Cinderella, you've won

Yes, I've lost

I can fight and kick

but I cannot continue to fight a battle

that I've lost ages ago

but maybe you can

Don't become another victim

in the hands of dear ole Cinderella




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