Cinderella's Closet

She lost her mother

Like no other.

No mother

No other

New mother 

Step mother

Step sister

Would have hugged and kissed her

Loved and missed her,

Stuck with step mother and sisters

Left her only with blisters.


Left wanting more

Only got chores

Hid behind her closet door


Step mother

Step sister,

A step

But so distant.


It was fine,

But they crossed a fine line.

The line dividing her closet and room,

Their footsteps bring dread and doom,

Emotions swept away with a broom,

Leaving a fearful gloom.

That instance,

More distance,

Ignored her existence,

Ignored her persistence.

Her attempts ineffectual.

She was an intellectual,

She was a perpetual

Homo sapien



Insults she hears,

A mop to soak her tears

A sponge to mute their jeers

But instead only smears

Across her mind, fears.




Their insults, spears

She's queer.


In the closet, disappear

Stuck in here.

When she might reappear?

What year?


Her feet she drags

Her dress turns to rags

Her smile sags

Under her eyes, bags


Her only friends were mice

She would talk, look for advice

No one else would treat her nice

Hardly giving her a handful of rice

Surviving would have to suffice

Once or twice maybe thrice

She would think of a paradise

Wonder what she might sacrifice.



No mother

New mother

Step mother


Fairy god mother 


Bipitty bopitty bo

A dress blue

Bipitty bopitty bo

A glass shoe

Bipitty bopitty bo

A ball to go to.


She's queer

Will commandeer

Give her own cheer

She's here

Will persevere.


Took a pumpkin for a ride

A lovely lady, she eyed

A husband could provide

But she needed a bride

To stand by her side

Someone to confide


He saw her.

To him love at first sight.

To her not quite.

He was not quite right,

Couldn't see the hype,

He was not her type.


Bipitty bopitty bo

Her foot fit the shoe,

But he was not the right hue

She tried to give a clue

She would not marry this mister,

But instead his sister.


She did not want Prince Charming

How is that so alarming?


Not looking for a fella

Met a lady named Annabella 

She was charming and polite

So bright

Quite a sight

Just right

Made her chest feel tight

Head, light


Her interests are thespian,

She's a lesbian.



The prince's sister

She kissed her.


I say, I may,

Cinderella is gay.

She has pride.

A bride.

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