Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam

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The box takes us to many worlds A fantasy in our minds Helps us experience alternate realms Of many different kinds One minute you're on a spaceship The next in the middle of war
Voices rise and fall and buzz As we reunite with our loved ones And as cousins, aunts, and uncles gather To visit, play and be together.   Everyone is a teacher here.
Big brothers loves their little sisters so, most of the time, we take them everywhere we go! Big brothers loves their little sisters so, we read them bedtime stories and tug them in at night you know. 
Rimshot, Flam, Paradiddle, Rest.
My generation today is so caught up in nothing but technology, success in life is no longer the focus When you’re alone you become conditioned to your surroundings, You forget about your motive I took the time out to find special friends who made
I've seen volcanoes erupt and ocean tides change.
I read your obituary in today’s paper,
Your harsh words rain relentlessly. There’s no shelter when I’ve let down every wall.
The backlight shines bright on my smartphone tonight It blinds me, hurts my eyes Yet I still look to see a message waiting To my surprise, it's my boyfriend Texting me two hours before sunrise  
I am awesome, because I am me I am awesome because I can see The future, creativity I am awesome, because I am me. My future is bright I hold on to it tight and it feels right, because I am me.
One of a kind Unique to itself Filled with life Filled with joy   A home to diversity To all living things From the smallest of the small To the biggest of them all  
The tree is not simply blowing in the wind Its leaves are dancing and its limbs are flailing to nature's song The power of imagination is what fuels the child And the child fuels the world
When darkness fills you there's glimpse of light that stills you. The light that stays till eternity Forever glowing like diamonds The bliss of Almighty  the love of our father 
You told me once that I was the strongest person you know.I want you to know that my strength pales in comparison to yours.You have a smile that comes back despite every ounce of bad news tossed your way.
“Our Eternal Friendship”   My friends are really awesome You’d agree if you saw ‘em They’re always there when needed
You've been walking long Cheap, hard, a bad life  Shady friends, cigarettes and hard liquor  I know you want to rage  I know you want happiness, and it's on its way  
The other day I felt down and sad, I had so many problems I could not deal with, The thoughts kept buzzing making me mad, All the bad was unreal, a horrifying myth. I could not handle it, so I sat back and thought,
In life you either rule or be ruled I choose to rule, do you? Life's about having faith, love and hope What do u have? Are u destined for life? I am Life is a competition Are u ready to be competitive?
The freaking single life is so amazing. I really know how to rock it out. There's so much clarity during gazing since there's no breakup to pout about.    I can look at abs on Instagram
Someone said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which one you’re going to get.” It’s a simple statement. Innocent enough. But what everyone should understand is chocolate is meant for more.  
Wind charging my face I breathe in, burning my lips and tongue once again for freedom, for senseless boredom. Moments lent gravity by sound seem at once nothing and profound.
Life has it's moments Both divine and bitter Though I can't forsee the future I can reminisce the past. I live the present Glorifying what life has given me The chance to live
Never Cut down what has been planted inside, with the gift you encounter it is much more than a packaged surprise, for he, he will fix what was broken, so you  intake of all tokens and speak what is spoken to recieve
Two roads in front of me, Which to take, And which to leave? Two choices, Hard to hear with all the voices. My heart a prison, And I can't get up.   The waves of fire— Turbulent—
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