"Nothing More..."

Two roads in front of me,

Which to take,

And which to leave?

Two choices,

Hard to hear with all the voices.

My heart a prison,

And I can't get up.


The waves of fire—



Wash over my head.

The tsunami sucker punches me under the waves.

A slipknot binds us together.

A constant reminder of the string of memories

That can't let me be free.


Lines will be drawn.

Where to stand?

By your side?

The day to my night?

Or on the other side?

The reck to my less?

The three of us can't confess

Of the hauntings of our plight.


To stay?

To go?

A prisoner all alone.

Madness sets in,

Despair rises,

My virtues now vices.

Dragons stand guard of the throne

Where I would've sat.

What's past is past.

Only a plan and nothing more.


The waves rise on our shores.

My sword's bent,

My armor's cracked.

I touch the token of my broken heart.


Here I go,

No going back.

A lashing upon the rack.

The stars are now dull,

They used to shine brightly for us.

Time lulls.

Father Time pushes and pulls,

The pendulum teases.

Feeling the rose's prick,

Soon becomes an addiction.


Happiness with me,

Happiness without me.

I know I must set you free.

No longer will I keep you prisoner.

A prisoner of my memories,

A prisoner of my dreams.


I'm no stranger to the loneliness,

No stranger to the stage.

Now forced to play a part,

I never wanted to play.

There are no more acts,

No more characters,

No more second chances.


Second chances aren't easy to come by,

I don't deserve one,

But I promise I'd try harder,

To love you the way you deserve.


We only get lucky once,

Never twice,

And I'm sorry you had to pay the price.

You deserve a saving-grace,

Not a hammer to your glass world.

Your everything.

And nothing more.

Forever your never,

Forever your darkness,

I hope you find your light.

Forever your sorrow,

And nothing more.

Your nothing,

Forever more...












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