Player of life

Never Cut down what has been planted inside, with the gift you encounter it is much more than a packaged surprise, for he, he will fix what was broken, so you  intake of all tokens and speak what is spoken to recieve that prize, When sunrise sets the flowers dance, jewel-like eyes sparkle through darkness's trance and spring through to reach a happy set like france, find the lost pieces to continue on, dont break again, you weren't made but created strong cus the game never stops, the clock keeps going, the player never stops, even when barriers keep blooming. The passion the grind the fame shine, yeah it takes time, yeah that precious time, go an steal that dream say take what is mine, the eyes read what's displayed you were promised what you've been fined. We are like sponges, so its never too late to know, a dream deferred is buried beneath us deep between the crest of our woes,because the greatness is here and here we are great,don't trip keep running...bend to only tie up that lace.

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Our world


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