Rockin' Single Ladies

Tue, 07/28/2015 - 16:17 -- debpatt

The freaking single life is so amazing.

I really know how to rock it out.

There's so much clarity during gazing

since there's no breakup to pout about. 


I can look at abs on Instagram

and not feel any guilt.

Especially the guy named Sam,

with that stunning body he built.


There's always time for me to eat

Everything to my mouth from the freezer.

Pizza rolls, waffles, pancake wrapped meat;

I don't have to share any of it either.


Then there is the time which I pray

Quietly to myself in my room. 

Thanking God every awesome day

That that terrible relatioinship went KABOOM. 


Now since that's over, I am free, 

Able to focus on the more important things

Such as me.

And also decide if I'm selling this ring!



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