O Captain My Captain Scholarship Slam

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From the streets of Tirana to the rivers in Podgorica, You are always on my mind, My Dada who left me so soon how long you stay in my heart,
Everynight I feel my heart leaving me It crawls from my chest out the door down the sidewalk into the bed of a passing pick up truck I always know where it's going
Grandmother, since the beginning of my time you have been there supporting, investing, and loving me. I thank you for this. When I was three years old, I was a
The hot in your breath melted  my being I stood there,  catching the gooey pieces of my body  quickly collecting it into my black suede purse in hopes to make it whole again, sometime soon.
My Mom is a meteor She tries to make life easier  Her impact on my life is deep  She conforts me when I can't sleep She helps me when I feel crappy  taht some how makers her happy to sacrifice so much 
Here’s to my Human Experience Because Though it’s been different from a lot of the ones of those who are close to me, Because their families are whole And they’ve never been hated by their mothers
It's not often death can save your life It's not often death can teach you how to thrive But it happens It can teach you to let go to forget your petty woes because you may only have today
The quiet omnipotence of my mentor  Has guided me through life. To my younger self, I would have lent her  A small piece of advice.   To not resist these blueprints of success,
Agriculture is a part of me, It's been there since birth. Dad helps me feel free, Mom shows me the worth, And my Uncle teaches me everything I know. My Grandfather shows me how to fence;
you were the first one that was happy to help.  the first one to not be upset  at the removal of your time, for the improvement of my life.   You were the first one who listened to me. 
The Game That Calls   Basketball… Teach me to score with ease Teach me to play as a team
God is an inspiration to me because he has been inspiration to me since I was 13. God has blessed me with family that actually loves me. God has shown me signs everywhere I go and where I need to be.
When I was five Life was just beginning No worries or doubts Just kept on living Life began to run short As a wolf came by I didn't know how long I had left Only that I might have to say goodbye
He will not cry for himself And so I will cry enough for the both of us He will not feel for himself So I will feel enough for the both of us
To my playground abusers I want to thank you Your endless bullying Your pushing, your pulling Your kicking, your punching
To say there is no me without you is more than an understatement. Your unselfishness of lending your womb to my mother; the amount of debt owed will always be an underpayment.
Honey, I'll be home late it's PTAtreasurybacktoschoolnightformebacktoschoolnightforyoursisterandalsoafreeconcertat8! The computer is calling me And could you stir the broccoli? It's burning  
When my brain  leaks out my eyes. and I work so hard  my spirit dies When the end  seems so far and I lose sight of  what's around the bend I give up, give in,
Community service is powerful Bringing people together Especially in times in need Volunteers bring hope and help Volunteers influence and impact  
My mentor is the weighty, wheezing breath at the top of a steep hill  on days when I already know I’m late for first period. It's the carbon dioxide my lungs won’t let out in a sharpie-smeared bathroom stall
I watched you take that carburetor apart, I watched you show kindness to an aching heart, I watched you troubleshoot the CNC machine, I watched you keep your conscience clean.
He had a pig heart not the whole heart but the aorta (a replacement when the old one no longer did the trick) It would be years until I saw what that looked like
Fear, Loneliness, fragmented, relationship is with utmost uncertainty. It plays games with you to the point of frustration. Looking at the mirror ahead,
You introduced me to love But the broken pieces of my heart Are because of you The things you do to me Are way past new you see
While i fumble my words  my eyes dart to the ground, but I feel the touch of your soft warm hands pushing my head towards the sky. Your booming dialect guides me through the deep dark corners.
You knew my story but you still left Your love was my strength when things got intense At no expense I had the best Taking my strength was the worst kind of theft
Defined by others before I could ever define myself Put down by others before I had the chance to ever get up  Existence with no purpose They say i'm a triple threat to society All I did was attend school
Some are guided by people Some are guided by a thought   And while I have my guides My mentor is one not taught   For I believe in the world
Hear me, My Captain!     Those words you spoke,         so elegantly fill my mind,             empowering my goals, my dreams, my life.   Hear me, My Captain!     You say never to give up.
I don't know that I've had one true mentor. Thousands of have influenced my life- family and teachers, friends and strangers. But among all these influences, I'd say strangers have the biggest impact.
Lost At Sea; Found On Land   Time has passed  And my mind with it, Like the wind on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  
One Mistake… It was one little mistake. Amidst years of training and finally getting to a college level, I had to sit out. I had to wait.
I never fear He's always there Through thick and thin A helpful hand He's taught me courage
The shattered glass of minds broken The shards glitter, twisting, falling Lost eclipses previous triumph And the chime of mourning bells renew
Sweet smells of ink  rusted cold metal shelves  inviting me    a cozy chair  steaming coffee the cover envelops   
Sweet smells of ink  rusted cold metal shelves  inviting me    a cozy chair  steaming coffee the cover envelops   
You have lead me To a world far beyond my view Taught me to see the colors That I cannot see You watched as I grew To become the warrior That I am seen as today You have lead me here
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