I Owe It All to You

To say there is no me without you is more than an understatement.

Your unselfishness of lending your womb to my mother;

the amount of debt owed will always be an underpayment.

The lessons you have taught me has carried me along life’s way;

 stay the course, eat your vegetables, wear your seatbelt, and never forget to pray.

Your journey in life has prepared me more than any school subject, bibliography or test;

 I am forever in your presence because you have taught me that I deserve the best!

You’ve pressed your way through trials and tribulations and never tried to hide when you fall;

You’ve encouraged me to go the last mile, cuts, bruises, scrapes, bandages and all.  

Your determination by enrolling in school in pursuit of your college degree at the age of 53;

 has solidified my foundation, I CAN BE WHATEVER I WANT TO BE.

It’s not by circumstance that I always want you near; no longer a child now, but you always have the loudest cheer.

My life is dedicated to making you proud of me;

breaking down barriers, setting the bar higher, just to hear you say, “Go Biggie”.

Thank you for the reflection that you have allowed me to mirror and see;

the image that glares back at you is what you’ve created me to be.

It is because of you that I am afforded this opportunity at a chance to win;

and should I not be successful I’ll try it all over again.

Should the odds be against me, please don’t label me a loser; a loser I will never be;

I have the world’s greatest influencer in my life; better known as… Granny.


To sum it up in one word what she means to me … LIFE

This poem is about: 
My family


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