Sestina to Failure

Mon, 09/03/2018 - 11:56 -- hall58

The shattered glass of minds broken

The shards glitter, twisting, falling

Lost eclipses previous triumph

And the chime of mourning bells renew

Their tolling cannot drown pain

I pray for sweet empty release


Here there is no release

reminded constantly of what was broken

A throbbing ache echoes deeper pain

Whistling air in my ears, falling

Through ruptured vision tears renew

Above my enemies triumph


Confident and assured in triumph

Before this splintered release

Humility will in this agony renew

A relic of  arrogance again broken

Pride forgets the sensation of falling

And revels in engendered pain


Scars adorn the place of past pain

Trophies of premature triumph

Dreams brushed lightly before falling

That my heart refuses to release

And so I lie broken

How shall I renew?


A burning hope renew

A beacon through the pain

Whole can be made from broken.

Perhaps to rise in triumph

My fears I must release

And find the joy in falling.


All flying begins in falling

To endure is to renew

A wild shout my lungs release

My wings pound with pain

But soaing high is triumph

Who cares that I’m still broken?


Find a simple release, and laugh while falling

Everyone is broken, but we can renew

Out of our darkest pain we will form our greatest triumph.


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