A Part of Me

Agriculture is a part of me,

It's been there since birth.

Dad helps me feel free,

Mom shows me the worth,

And my Uncle teaches me everything I know.

My Grandfather shows me how to fence;

My FFA Advisor taught me how to do a livestock show,

Everything you do must be in a certain sequence.

My Aunt shows me how to gather eggs,

And when I learned how to feed

All I ever saw was cow legs.

You eventually learn to read,

And find out new tips and tricks.

Getting a cow on a lead,

Now that takes tactics. 

Whne you create a crossbreed

It has it's ups and downs.

You'll always have something get out;

Yes, there will be rundowns.

In the end you'll always doubt, 

But something will always happen to keep you around.

I never said farming was easy, 

But it will always be a playground.

I thank everyone who has been a key,

Not only to my success,

But because it will always be a part of me.




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