Everynight I feel my heart leaving me

It crawls from my chest

out the door

down the sidewalk

into the bed of a passing pick up truck

I always know where it's going

And I always want to go with it becuase 

absence made my heart grow farther


I call you madre even though you dont speak spanish

and even thought you dont speak spanish

you understand

You taught me through a sideeye what it means to give up

through a fake smile

what it means to grow up in my skin

you taught me to love with everything 

cuase its everything you will ever have.

You cant love money but you can like it

you taught me how to stand up to folks

that spit in my face

taught me not to spit back.

I did once.

You taught me then too. 

I love you and I cant say how much

becuase every morning you send me a text saying

"Good Morning beautiful-lutiful!"

And I know my love will never compare.

This poem is about: 
My family


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