Meant to Be

Fear, Loneliness, fragmented,

relationship is with utmost uncertainty.

It plays games with you to the point of frustration.

Looking at the mirror ahead,

Do I even see me? Or is it someone who share the same complexion.

Eyes beaming back with worry and self-doubt,

My love took charge and now together we will conquer.


He took me away from all the unnecessary pondering and said:

“But don’t worry, life comes with excitement, hope and wonder”

Dive into the unknown and experience what life has to offer.

Take every step as a learning experience and I will guide you along the way,

And make the best even during the worst.

You swept me off my feet as we soar into the unknown,

Take a leap of faith and never regret.

You embraced me from danger that lurks in every corner,

Taking a vulnerable heart and assembling it into a masterpiece.

Our hand entangles as we dance together into the future.


We will grow old, and we will wither,

But at least we are in this together and forever.

I am glad we met and fell in love together,

Like a flower going through its life cycle.

I started out as a vulnerable seed and blossomed with your care,

With love and nurturing, I learned to love myself and strive beyond the soil boundary.

You became my water, my air, and my light.

You are my everything and you are meant for me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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