Lost At Sea; Found On Land

Lost At Sea; Found On Land


Time has passed 

And my mind with it,

Like the wind on a lazy

Sunday afternoon.


Floating in the vastness
Of endless possibility,

Lacking a magnetic needle
To point me home.



Only fear remained,

While inwards...
The fear had roosted.


Dreams dared not manifest

In the space between my ears,
For they too, tremble

At my heart's absence.


Wandering wistfully,

Curving within the current,

The motions grew montomous

And my life a dull, aching bore.


Clawing through the fog

Densely gathered within my skull,

I looked across the ocean

In the hopes of hope alone.


Traveling on the salty sea breeze

And over glinting blue waves,

My broken, crippled being

Had finally caught up with my gaze.


The rocky West coast

Of proud Ireland...

It was there I found

My lost heart again.


Under overcast skies

And sipping steaming tea,

I allowed myselft to breathe

And just, simply, be.


In quiet, sweet Shannon

The true healing commenced;

Where the roses smell like sunshine

And where I felt I could sincerely progress.


I saw living, vibrant life in Dublin,

Where joy flowed like local beer.

It was there, in that city, where

My sadden soul felt pure cheer.


With a reinvigorated soul

And renewed state of mind,

I'm now left to wonder

What other paths I can find.


No amount of words

Will ever be able to convey

Just how much that land changed me,

Shaped me into who I am today.


So each morning, I turn my head East,

Wishing I could thank the land

That returned my spirt to me

And pushed my horizons to expand. 


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