Hard Skills/Soft Skills

I watched you take that carburetor apart,

I watched you show kindness to an aching heart,

I watched you troubleshoot the CNC machine,

I watched you keep your conscience clean.


I saw you change the planar blades,

I saw you build her those plantation shades.

I saw you nearly bust out a light,

I saw you work on my projects late at night.


You showed me craftsmanship as we built my bed.

You showed me generosity, out in that shed.

You showed me how to use tools and saws,

You showed me care for all creatures, with hands or with paws.   


Driving, CAD drawing and technical skills,

Compassion and kindness with more healing than pills.

I have seen them all from your house and your shop,

Hard and soft skills that put you at the top,


Of my list of neighbors, mentors, and friends,

A relationship with which I hope never ends.

So I’ll take just a second for something I feel unqualified to do,

And try to find the words for a proper thank you.


This poem is about: 
My community


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