A new beginning

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The importance of ending one chapter and beginning a new one isn't always evident. I am five times more likely to continue my story without ending any of my chapters. Do you know what that leaves me with?
Do you see that little girl? Sitting there across from you  she’s all smiling and laughing  but do you really see her?   Do you see that little girl? 
There's so much I want to say So much I want to do. But hey my mind and heart isn't made of clay. There is a pulse, An impulse To reach out
We had a black and white kind of love We hid things about our past Now here we go on round two Both of us are finally starting to see the color
A swarm of bees insects, butterfly's & snakes Left helpless again down on my knees To digest hate into loves reality
Jittery, nervous, yet excited, with giddy anticipation coursing through my veins;   Scared, uncertain, yet determined,
 Lately I have been having these feelings  That men like me have minds full of dealings Dealings of whether our emotions should get the better of us like raging oceans
December 14, 2015 I was a happy senior, barely seventeen Just got my first acceptance letter Already knew things were going to be better Worked hard to raise my grades, momma shocked I was getting A's   
Do I grow uo to be My own enemy Walking these lonely streets Trying to find my own feet The music is talking But Im not listening to the beat I'm marking my words as I spit
And today I wonder. With the faded sunshine Whisked away on the breeze. With the soggy sponge of earth Slurping at my feet. With the smell of warmth
If only I could stay to watch the sun rise over the bay feed my horses their hay if only I could stay. Today is the last day i watch them take boxes into the truck and watch my memories fade.
I open my eye to only be standing at the gates of hell. The sign says WELCOME. The train I rode to get there was going nowhere fast. You want to buy a ticket, what’s the cost you ask?
Too many words are often left unspoken, Too scared of the reaction. Words that are powerful. The electricity was growing stronger And, In need of an outlet to escape: Physical or mental, Physical or mental
I shut my eyes and travel back to when I was only but five.With sausage legs and curious hands, the slightest bump would make me cry.My only concern were the winged Giants who stole from the flowers in bloomWho partnered with bees who stung and bu
  You are more than what you present You are violent and rude but are you content? There is something more to you If only I knew I question the words that come out
Just when I'd lost my "long-term", an "old-time" wants to come into my life while my "short-term" doesn't have a clue that he could turn into a "long-term".
The quill slides over and into the inkwell the battle 'gainst evil begins   then promptly the clash of the two sided sword rings louder with the side that wins.   a story, a plotline
As I start a new beginning im embarking a new journey working with new set of young people always poses a new challenge  I accept the challenge  I embrace the moment i'm bracing for all
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