a new beginning

As I start a new beginning

im embarking a new journey

working with new set of young people

always poses a new challenge 

I accept the challenge 

I embrace the moment

i'm bracing for all

i know what I'm getting myself into

this is a different population

going through everyday struggles

picking up bad habits

temptation for the streets to call their name 

and be swallow whole by stupidity

regardless on what they have to endure

in spite of what goes on daily

one goal

that is to bring out the absolute best in them

this is a working progress

this won't be solve overnight

it takes time

but I'm laying down the foundation

building from the grounds up

my love to inspire young people is endless

despite the difference in all

when I'm done writing this script

i will create a masterpiece 

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Hey:)!!! How's it been? Sorry for the long wait and no responses. Life has gotten bad ever since I graduated from high school last month. I have had so many problems with friends, colleges, teachers, scholarships, and boys that I lost track of who I was and where I was going in my life. Along the way I found that God can bless me in my most weakest state with a leadership role at my university, but how can I be a good leader after all the mess I dragged myself through. It wasn't until I read your poem that I realized that I won't be the best leader for I am only human, but I can set a goal to give them the best I can give to bring the "best [out] of them". I miss reading your poems for they brought the best out of me. Please don't stop writing. Keep writing on my friend:)!!!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hey:) it's been very busy, but well so far, just taking it ine day at a time

1st-congratulations, you graduated so that's a milestone to your life

in the midst of all the chaos, you attending a university that is opening up opportunities that will motivate you to inspire 

everything happens for a reason and you need to figure out why and then make good decisions based on what's being presented

continue to suppport and read my poems-i've written new poems

be the best person you can be

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