Next Year Will Be Better

December 14, 2015

I was a happy senior, barely seventeen

Just got my first acceptance letter

Already knew things were going to be better

Worked hard to raise my grades, momma shocked I was getting A's 


The New Year arrived, can't believe I survived 

February came quick, it was really slick 

March came by and there goes April

Found my escape goal

Went to Paris with some pals, a group of guys and gals

Visited some museums and met a pretty lady 

Shocked to see it was me, found myself in a whole 'nother city

Decided that Paris was my future 

Saving money to get there sooner 


Then reality hit, it was May

High school was almost over and I wanted to stay 

Knew the next step was to get a degree 

So I can be the person I alway wanted to be 

Become an English teacher and teach a bunch of students (I can't wait for those 'aha' moments)


One year from today, I'm glad that I can say 

I'm happy as can be

Achieving my goal, one step at a time

 Student at NIU, guess what I'm full-time 

This year was great for me, I hope you can agree

But next year will be even better 


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