Do I Grow Up To Be

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 11:01 -- Kora

Do I grow uo to be
My own enemy
Walking these lonely streets
Trying to find my own feet

The music is talking
But Im not listening to the beat
I'm marking my words as I spit

My heart is a drum it's beats till it bleeds
I'm paving my own way trying to stand on my own 2 feet

Do I grow up to be ?
Six feet underground resting my head
Or thinking of what should be said
Scripting meaningful words seeking to be heard

Yes God and I we are still one
Regardless of what I've become
The battle has just begun
And if I don't hustle hard it will remain undone
As long as my flesh and blood is still one
Ama hustle until this battle of hunger is done
At first they said Sandile was just a kid
But then they finally heard
How poetic I'am with this poetry thing
Now they want me to give them advices like I'am their Dr Phil

Life is demanding
I got needs to feed
I got dreams to fulfill
I got time to race against
I got enemies to face and
I got 2 chains to break
I never change

Im still on that same page
Still running at the same page
I am the amicable poet
I grow up to change the world

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