Thu, 12/29/2016 - 13:19 -- Conan

 Lately I have been having these feelings 

That men like me have minds full of dealings

Dealings of whether our emotions should get the better of us like raging oceans

Or if we should stay passive, and oppress the past actions of our regressive notions

Because honestly I have been repressing these primal explosions, of my true hearts commotions

And these commotions are like frightening hurricanes that decimate my core

Im sorry. but this destruction is exfoliating my soul causing a tsunami to pour

Or, or is it me just myself and I, tricking my mind to think its in terrible pain

When the honest truth is, its just the countless amount of chemicals coursing in my brain

Surely its this, yess! it must be this

But sadly, this explanation still doesnt help my feelings or dealings 

In fact this so called science makes it worse

Its like compacting my whole meaning in the area of a purse

No! I wont accept this, theres definitely something else

For what can science say about my morals, my emotions, my goals 

Its like inside my body i have a stove with a center full of coals

Because i feel this burning sensation, that theres another purpose than a simple life racing 

Racing time, for it is the great motivater to get things done her and now not later

For our story supposedly ends when our clock strikes midnight, but this is no fairtale so I will sill fight

Fight in the fact that maybe just maybe theres more out there

That my life truly has some greater meaning

Given to me by possibly a greater being 

Yes! that truly must be it

With this answer I am satisfied, for I cant be some species clearly denied

Denied of a future full of wonder and mystery 

And instead granted with eternal life, and the rest is history

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