Grey Love

We had a black and white kind of love

We hid things about our past

Now here we go on round two

Both of us are finally starting to see the color

At first it was just spots of red and blue

But now we can see a full rainbow of colors

Some things are still in grey

But maybe they should stay that way for a little longer

If we view the rainbow too quickly

Then everything we have may fall apart again.


Time after time we rush things too fast

Causing everything to fall back to grey

But now as we take things slow

Like lighting a candle in a dark room

The dark around us is illuminated quickly

While the darkness in the corner slowly comes into the light

It may take days or years to see everything in the light

But we’ll be together to see it all together

When things get rough

We can hold each other to the ground.


Yesterday has come and gone

But what does tomorrow hold for us

We have to take it day by day

No matter the battle

We may fight each other

But when together we are our own army against the world

As long as we stick together

Then we can conquer anything that is thrown at us

I can remember the black and white

But I’m glad we can view the world in color together now.

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