Growing Up

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 08:28 -- ZzajazZ

I shut my eyes and travel back to when I was only but five.With sausage legs and curious hands, the slightest bump would make me cry.My only concern were the winged Giants who stole from the flowers in bloomWho partnered with bees who stung and buzzed about my impending doom.  A scurrying mother is who I see next, warm as oven baked sweets.Tears she wiped, bruises she kissed, While she bundled me under safe sheets . I'd wear pink heals, hand bags, and boas to paint my father's toes."I look gorgeous!" He'd gasp and I'd giggle and laugh as he bent and nuzzled my nose.  Of all my time in the world, much was spent with my childhood crew.On adventures we went, a care never dished, Oh the monsters we'd pursue!We scavenged in ponds for the grumpiest lump with bumps of brown and green.Our parents we'd show, the mightiest of toads who we proudly named King. I remember that birthday I entered a new world I legally became a teen!I held my head high as I glided through school. I took the branding for queen.But life then on was like rolling downhill, the shot in the vacuum of space.Despite ups and downs, I learned to smile and fight the battles I faced. Grain by grain, the sands of time slipped through my unknowing palmsAs I commemorate now, I wish I cherished each and every fall.Now I hold nothing but the dust of childhood, memories that have come and gone.I let it go and wipe the grit, the first step of moving on. My Body is quaking, my hands are shaking, my eyes are no longer closed.My stomach churns, stadium lights shine, ready for my future to unfold.With a shaky breath and a small smile, I cherish memories passed.I accept with a fear I have never felt, the unknown that lies ahead. A warm wind reminds me and repels this trepidationThat God protects and guides me,that I'm His beloved creation. OK! Breath! In...Out...Breath In...Breath Out...!  I adjust my cap and gather my gown, realizing I will never be the same.With my friends and family, the crowd cheers as my future announces my name.

This poem is about: 
My family


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