miss you

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It's Funny... If you show you don't care people start to beleive it. they start to hurt you then they leave you Then your laying there cold tears fall down your cheecks
How much is in a promise? Does everyone have to keep it,  Or do the circumstances bend?   Do not fret, my graceful friend, Your name is not here, nor will it ever,
    Sometimes I wish I still had you You used to make me so happy But then you went crazy And now I find myself sappy
Hi daddy. Remember this morning when you left for work You promised to come play with me when you got home. I set up the teacups and food for us with mommy Oh! And I made the tea that’s actually water all on my own.
10 feet The distance from my desk to yours I don’t know that for sure But it’s a close enough guess You and the other girls used to chase the boys at recess But you say That you only did it for Joseph
Zoning out is not a pain the feeling of dancing through the rain And feeling it kiss your cheeks like it hasn’t done for weeks   or maybe even years
The day I lost you, Was the day I lost myself. You took your last breath, As I shed a tear. You left me with great memories; I'll surely never forget The lessons you have taught me,
Is it true? has it really been six months  without you    Everyday theres something new  I can't wait  to share with you   From time to time I forget your not here
I can’t believe it’s almost been two years since I’ve seen your beautiful face.  We went through so much together over the years. We saw many hardships, and we cried many tears.
Dear Former Best Friend,   I can’t believe how long it’s been since we last talked.
I had a dream last night,A dream of bliss and peace,Where life was at ease,Where a streak of light steered clear the dark,Where faces had a spark.I tried hard to figure out a face,But failed always.Serene and tempting was the view,It made me feel
You were my first everything. My first friend, My first prom, My first date, I kicked your butt in bowling, My first boyfriend.   Those four months with you,
You were so good to us. The one we all could trust. Every Sunday you would teach. Showing us love from a man with incredible feats. You were the only one who understood us.  
I still think about you every day I see you in the halls your hair is a fiery red now perhaps you've moved on and are flaunting your tenacity you wore converse today so did i
      I often spend many a sleepless night, Wondering if I could make things right. I know of your hatred of me,
I miss you sometimes, When I think about you.   I think about you sometimes, When I'm lonely.   I get lonely sometimes, When my friends abandon me.  
I don't miss the color of your eyes;but the way they looked at me as if I were all that mattered.I don't miss the shape of your lips;but the way they felt as they grazed the surface of my skin.
Could I really be heard? I am seventeen year old young lady, Sierra I’ve been to ten different schools, Nisqually to Ridge, on to college and back here.
When I'm lonely like this I am missing you dear I thinnk of your face, but you dont miss me, thats clear   You made this fool's gold  feel like diamonds but now I'm a fool in the cold
  I miss walks on the bridge with you, Long tight hugs and midnight drives, Your dancing eyes, a brilliant blue, I miss paper cranes and butterflies   It hurts to think of the songs we shared
I shuffle through canvases, looking for the right size. Through tall and short, rectangle or square, til one catches my eyes. I pull it out, place it on my easel, then turn to my paint.
You’re beautiful Inside and out. Why can’t you see it?   I stare at your eyes Mesmerized by their beauty Why can’t you see it?   You are nothing but trouble Oh so addicting
Memories of you fill my mind. My heart aches and tears fall from my eyes. I miss you more than words can express. And I cry as you're laid to rest. Sometimes I feel so sad and alone,
Oh how I wish I could turn back time To when you were still here, still alive I miss you more and more each day And nothing will ever be the same I can hardly cope with this pain
Life is not so easy now that you are gone I cry every night for I am not as strong I wish you were still here with me right now But I know it is better that you flew up through the clouds
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