All I do is chain smoke cigarettes
Taunt my mind w sad memories,
Listen to hopeless love music
And cry to the moon,
Because the person who I wanted to enjoy my life w is gone. 
Just like that. 
I can’t text you and say I’m sorry for my rude comments,
And you can’t call me telling how much of an idiot you are for messing up.
I seem to be lost,
And not took the wrong turn lost..
More like launched into the sky and missing person flyers on convenient stores, lost. 
I’m going insane, 
I can’t help but miss you
People look at me crazy,
“Get it together” “you’ll be ok”
Oh If they only knew. 
The absence of the person that you give your heart to,
So bad-you wanna do these crazy,selfish things,
Things like
Take my life away.
Crazy, right?
But “I’ll be okay”
I’ve just came to the realization,
What will make me happy? 
What will solve all these problems?
It’s you, but..
You are no longer here. 
And that seems to be my dilemma.