Mon, 03/14/2016 - 18:07 -- lizann

I still think about you every day

I see you in the halls

your hair is a fiery red now

perhaps you've moved on and are flaunting your tenacity

you wore converse today

so did i

does that matter? probably not

but too many times i feel connected to you

in some way or another

i still miss you and it's been months

i want to forget you but your soul is unforgettable 

your fiery hair still burns in my heart

i miss you


i still feel like some day our souls will reconnect

all i have to decide now

is holding on to this hope worth it

right now i think yes

tomorrow i might say no

but i still drink because of you

you are the drug that causes me to do drugs

we are not meant to avoid each other

i'm not sure we're supposed to be together

but one thing's for sure

you belong in my life

and i in yours

please say "hello" one day again

i will wait for that day


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