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Memories of you fill my mind.
My heart aches and tears fall from my eyes.
I miss you more than words can express.
And I cry as you're laid to rest.
Sometimes I feel so sad and alone,
Wishing I could call you on the telephone.
I know you are no longer suffering and in pain,
But nothing will ever be the same.
My heart will never fully heal.
Sometimes this doesn't feel real.
I can't believe that you are gone.
Throughout your life you have been so strong.
In the final hours of your life,
I know you put up a good fight.
Now you are in heaven watching over me.
And memories of you in my heart I will keep.
I know I should move on,
But I really can't move on.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you,
And I will always love and miss you!


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