To Be Heard


Could I really be heard?

I am seventeen year old young lady, Sierra

I’ve been to ten different schools, Nisqually

to Ridge, on to college and back here.

It’s difficult to move so many times at seventeen.

But I guess since I was born into it I have to accept it, military.

I leave, I stay, I move, I settle, I relocate. It’s never the same.

Mother, can you hear me?


Could I really be seen?

I’ve called Washington, Colorado, and Germany home.

There was also Missouri, then California, and Hawaii soon after.

And now I’ve made it full circle.

I guess they’re some downsides to being a military child.

I never stay where I want to for long.

I’ll eventually disappear again from others lives.

Mother, can you see me?


Could I really be understood?

Being me, I probably won’t.

I’ll eventually abandon them

As I have been many times over the years.

Mother and Father you always leave

And I never know if you will come back

The same, that’s the military.

I want to stay put.

I want to be one that says I have lived here forever.

Mother, can you understand me?


Am I finally heard?

I have only one more year in this life.

Then I will be free,

But I am grateful of the life you have given me.

You’ve helped me through every change,

And you will help me to me next cycle of life, college.

And I am always going to return to you.

Mother, you do hear me.


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